Monday, April 27, 2015

sorry i don't have  good letter...again!!

We are in the city for pday again. We did a huge scavenger hunt for all our zone. Tasks like "1 pt for every selfie with a Chinese person" and "secret handshake with a stranger" and finding certain streets and everything. It was so funny! One was they had to bust a primary song. haha The elders did that one heaps, they had to record everything they did, it was sooooo funny.

We have MLC again tomorrow and we are giving a training! We are blessed to give 100x training's  Then straight after we are flying to Tasmania! We will be exchanging with the sisters down south in Glen Huon, stay tuned for some amazing pictures coming next week.

I wont get much sleep this week so sorry in advance for the ugliness....haha. Transfer news this week as well

No worries mates I'll catch ya later!

Love yousss
sister hatch


Have you been able to hold a koala yet? No...*tears*

Do you get asked to speak in church very often? A bit, not too much.

Are you staying healthy? Healthy as! lol na I will be changing my diet in the next week or so.

What is the strangest thing that happened this week? The strangest thing...I don't know about the strangest but we got yelled at again today by the same guy as before, he was really mad...ah and we took selfies with random Chinese people. And I got asked if I was Indian and if I was 25, that happens pretty often, people either think I'm Greek, Italian or Native American, sometimes India or Asian which I really don't understand.

What is the best thing thats happened this week? The best thing that happened this week was we got Indian chicken curry 3 times (my new favorite food). The actual best thing was we started teaching a FAMILY!!
Sister Brown on exchanges

Narre Warren zone on the steps of the state library

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