Monday, October 26, 2015

"lord is it i?"

I'm in Tarneit in Wyndam zone with Sister Leota on the Westside what whut. In the mission the Westside is known for islander feeds which = gain weight. So far it's been all goods, I think they are just talking about Deer Park.

There are heaps of Islanders and a few Kiwi's in the ward so not too different from Dande. Dande is just a lot bigger.

I got to bear my testimony-I want to bear my testimony as much as possible especially now on the final lap! It's cool to see the growth/change in the words I say in my testimony and how I feel compared to the beginning. The church is true! The book is balue.

We cover all the sisters on the west side- so out bush. Some live in Griffith (New South Wales, 6+ hours away) and we are driving out to exchange with them this week. We leave today! 6 hour drive no problems. Hopefully we don't hit a kangaroo but… how cool would that be though.

It's getting hot as over here! Summer is here, 30° nearly every day. Lucky today is rainy-feels nice.

One thing I learned this week… something simple. I read Pres Utchdorfs talk from a couple conferences ago called "Lord, is it I?" He shares about the last supper. Jesus Christ tells them that one will betray him and instead of looking around or pointing to someone else asking "Is that him?"- They instead looked at themselves and asked "Lord, is it I?" 
(Matt 26:21-22)

He says "I wonder what we would do if we were asked that question by the Savior. Would we look around us and say in our hearts, 'he's probably talking about brother Johnson. I've always wondered about him' or 'I'm glad brother Brown is here he really needs to hear this message'" or would we like those disciples of old, look inward and ask that penetrating question, "Is it I?"

I feel that I do this all the time without realising it… how sad is that? He goes on to talk about the importance of not only more fully seeing other people's contributions and strengths but seeing more clearly our own weaknesses and shortcomings. As that is the only way that they can begin healing-strengthening. "Being able to see ourselves clearly is essential to our spiritual growth and well being.  If our weaknesses and shortcomings remain of scared in the shadows, then the retaining power of the Savior cannot heal them and make them strengths. (Ether 12:27)  ironically our blindness toward our human weaknesses will also make us blind to the divine potential that our father yearns to nurture with in each of us."

Our weaknesses help us to see who we can become! As we humbly seek our weaknesses we humbly come to heavenly father and Jesus Christ for help… bringing us closer to them and more aligned with their divine plan for us… which gives us a greater perspective.

Seek to find your weaknesses so that through the grace of Jesus Christ you can turn them into strengths. It works, I've tried it and still continue to do it.

I love the gospel and I love being a missionary! My companion is the best! She is Samoan, born and raised in Sydney. Easy-going as and such a good missionary… I'm lucky to be serving with her.

All the best this week, love you all.

  fase fua
    no fua
      ka kite
        of atu
          aro ha nui

     Sis Hatch xxx


What is the best way you find street contact? We always just go anywhere there are a lot of people walking, usually shopping centers or just main streets but I do it deferent all the time. Sometimes just reach out and shake their hand sometimes I compliment them sometimes just offer a card or anything. But I try to liken whatever it is they are doing to the gospel, really happy and axcited! And ya, haha I don't know how to be more specific.

When told she has been very blessed and watched over throughout her mission she said...Ya I just feel really lucky. Heavenly Father is looking out for me honest. I have been kept away from disobedience, I've had amazing companions, best areas, everything is perfect. Everything exactly what I need and it is just...I don't know that is how I feel about my mission as a whole though. I just feel so lucky to be here because I don't know how it even happened but Heavenly Father provided the way and I ended up here somehow but it has changed my life completely. I feel like he really does have huge things in store for me and is keeping me on the right path with a lot of help so that I can get there and do the work I'm meant to. So that I can build up my faith etc enough to withstand whatever is coming in the future. Its really scary but really exciting!!

inside the melbourne star

my new comp sis leota and some big as huntsman spiders

we went to clear out an empty elders flat and found these on their counter. elders like to catch them and fight them, haha, they are crazy. we took them to our zl's flat and left it and they came home and we were in the car and they came out and opened our door and threw them in the car on us! all 3 of them! i nearly wrecked the car, hahaha

Sunday, October 18, 2015

pictures are my letter this week


nina, me, sister paulo, bianca, jordan and cheniece

we had dinner with our investigators (only our second time coming over) they are from afganistan! they eat on the floor. no furniture and with these beautiful rugs and cushions. they made us falafel and it was DELICIOUS, fantastic night

all blacks for the world cup

:) last night
our little girl that got baptised, sasha

the cutest little boy in the world! dj samau oueti

Sunday, October 11, 2015

we have had the craziest week!

Here in Australia we get to see conference one week late so we got it this week. It. Was. So. Good. Every time I watch I try just to take a step back and realise what is happening when these people speak, when God's prophets speak. I always imagine how it would feel to hear Moses or Abraham speak or even King Mosiah. It would be incredible! But is it any less incredible w/ our prophets today? Its just so cool to think that (D&C 1:38) when we listen to them we are listening to God's voice "...whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants it is the same". I feel that every time I hear them I feel the spirit but it takes it to a whole new level when you close your eyes for a moment and hear them with God's loving voice. Kind of like life, when we see people...its good but these "people" become more than that when we see them as God does...from a parents perspective they become more than just people but our family, brothers and sisters with goals and dreams, with trials and challenges. So it is w/ the prophets. They become more than just people when we change our perspective, the Holy Ghost can change our hearts soften them and fill them with charity and humility. 2 things that are truly lacking in todays broken world. But one thing I've really learnt is that these prophets are normal too! They have trials just as much as anyone else. Prophets are #thebest.

We have had the craziest week! Too many things to tell! We had MLC @ the mission home, exchanges, teaching, this and that happened and now we have another sister living w/ us until transfers which is NEXT WEEK. Time is so fast!! She is from Korea.

My jaw has recently stopped working so I haven't been eating much. We're 99% sure its TMJ. Sis Maxwell says I need a night guard, I think I grind my teeth at night. Its pretty sore but I'll manage. All is well.

Anyway ya. Its officially summer! It is so warm and sunny. Today is rainy- always happens on pday but its good. I love ❤️ Australia. ❤️ all of you.

Sister Hatch
Ofa atu
we unintentionally wore the exact same clothes. elder johnstone

me and my two oldest daughters at mlc this week

Monday, October 5, 2015

beautiful weather is finally here!

Kia ora whanau! (Kia ora : hello  whanau : family in Maori)

How's it going? Narre Warren Zooone. Today we have zone pday w/ the best zone in AMM! Bubble soccer and BBQ. Yussss. Beautiful weather is finally here. 30ยบ is a bit hot but I'm stoked summer is finally here - daylight savings began Sunday so it doesn't get dark until 
8pm and it stays warm, every missionaries dream, tract until the cows come home. Uhhh- well ya, anyway.

We had mini's with us again this week. Nina and Sabrina! Both gems. Mini missions are the best- if you are preparing for a mission...or just want to have the best experience of your life go on a mini w/ the missionaries. Wish I did but its all okay because I've done probably 10 since being here.

We had golden review on Thurs for Sister Paulo and it was so good! It's where all the trainers bring their babies back to the mission office to be tested by AP's & Pres and Sister Maxwell. We give trainings etc as well. Heaps of fun and cookies at the end, our baby killed it! Sister Paulo is just good as. We love her.

We had exchanges as well. I stayed here w/ Sister Paulo & another sis and Sister Wairepo left. We always see miracles on exchanges. We were tracting- it was so hot AND a public holiday so either nobody was home or there were 100 people at home drinking watching the footie final (equivalent to USA Super Bowl just not as flash). But after hours we finally met a guy called Mervin. We taught restoration briefly (on street) and he said he wanted to come to church! And he came! And is good as. Funny enough we had finished and were walking back to the car and Heavenly Father put him and a couple others in our path. Miracle! He's from Philippines- he's cool.

It's been the best week w/ the best people. Love it here- so much.

Love yous too.
Ofa atu (love you : Tongan)
Aro ha nui (love you: Maori)

xxx Sister Hatch
melbourne temple

district finding