Sunday, June 28, 2015

gday its your girl sis hatch...talofa!

The past 7 days have been fantastic. As time goes the mission doesn't get easier but it definitely gets better. I think this week was so good because of the spiritual nourishment we got! We had district meeting & zone conference. Both places where the Holy Ghost taught me. When I feel the spirit I just feel happy and I felt so happy this week.

We have been reading BofM cover to cover and will be finishing in a couple of days. One thing I learnt this time around was how much the BofM applies to us right now. It is exactly the same! I've learnt so much about pride and the danger of worldly things etc etc. In 3 Nephi it says the people are the happiest who had ever been created under Gods hand...but 400 years later they are said to be the most wicked and evil. The reason, 100% being pride (putting yourself above others and pleasing the people in the world rather than pleasing God) and ...pride again. Having better clothes or possessions than the next person...and secret combinations etc etc...this is how they became the most wicked! I think it is a weakness all of us has and once you give in a little Satan just pulls you down, like the story of Lehonti. Alma 47.

Amalickiah was evil! He wanted power. He wanted to be the king. He had "a plan in his heart" to dethrone the Lamanite king. Amalickiah didn't want to battle as the king ordered...he wanted power. So he and his army went to the valley near Mt Antipas. At the top of the mount was a leader of the other army, Lehonti.

He asked Lehonti to come down to the valley to "speak to him". He wanted Lehonti to leave his high ground! Leave the place of safety! Lehonti refused 1, 2 and even 3 times. Amalickiah kept asking and asking for him to just come, he wouldn't.

Then Amalickiah compromised. He went up the mount half way and then asked Lehonti to come down w/ his armies. Lehonti figured he would be okay...he took his army and went down and left his high ground! This is exactly what evil Amalickiah wanted. (Alma 47:15).

At this point it didn't matter about Lehonti's army because he was where Amalickiah would reach him. In verse 17-18 it says, for Amalickiah to be king Lehonti needed to die. Since he came down from his high mount, even if it was only half way...Amalickiah and his men were able to "poison by degrees" until he died and Amalickiah was king.

Satan is like Amalickiah...pokes and pokes to get us to come all the way down the mount. We are smart enough to realize what he is doing but then he says he will meet us halfway. "Just come down a little bit" he says "bring your wont hurt". Then it is slow. Once we come down from high ground we are in his grasp! And he has power to "poison by degrees" slowly even unnoticeably until we have fallen so far we cannot remember why we ever said no. We "die" spiritually- being so far from the influence of the Holy Ghost that it seems irrelevant.

Mum, dad, everybody, I know that God knew exactly what was going to be happening in our day, I know he inspired the ancient American prophets to write this history so we could learn from their mistakes and learn from their examples. We are so lucky to have the Book of Mormon- it is such a powerful resource. I know that it helps us know our Savior and I know that if we read it every day, every day, every day we will never leave our high ground! We will be strong and our faith will not fail us.

We had good food this week...island feasts and peruvian cuisines. Don't worry, my clothes still fit- all goods.

Love you heaps,
xoxo Sister Hatch

How is your teaching pool going?
Teaching is going well, we are trying to find some progressing investigators at the moment but we will soon I know! I like to think of it like the brother of Jared (I read that today) and how he had a problem and needed light. The Lord asked him what he wanted him to do. The brother of Jared went out and found stones and brought them to the Lord so he can touch their hearts. I think sometimes I go out expecting to find people who are ready right there, but that defeats trial and exercise of faith. So that what I think we'll do, take the people we have and the new ones we find pray for the Lord to vcahnge them. I think it will work!! God is a God of miracles.

How was zone conference?
I got to give a training at zone conference and it was so cool. I love doing it because 1- its hard and scary 1- because 80 missionaries and pres and sister Maxwell and AP's..and 2- because I always grow heaps.
Lisa Wheeler inspired it. She has been reading a book called the Slight Edge, it is a self help based on Elder Bednars teachings about consistency and always doing the small things. Those make all the difference in the long run even if they don't make a difference in every individual day. Have a look at it, seems really good.
2 of my daughters :) Its tradition for me to make them planners with this photo of the Savior.

Monday, June 22, 2015

i'll tell you the best news first...

I'll tell you the best news first...our golden arrived safe and sound wed 17 June. We all met @ mission home (all transfers & golden) to have lunch & orientation...1st one since I arrived here one year ago nearly exactly because I've been in Tas! We had good food and good company.

We had district meeting and man, we have 5 goldens just in our district, out of 10 that came. Goldens bring miracles so we'll hopefully see a lot in the next few weeks. Our one is named Sister Salyer. Everybody stuffs her name up and says "Slayer".. its pretty hilarious. She was actually a visa waiter in Gilbert AZ! Higley Stake! She lived on Ray and Williamsfield (??) so right around the corner from some of yous. She is smart and happy and has so much potential- we're stoked to have her! She also has cool hair from CA, USA.

Now some more good news! We got to go to the temple w/ Mohsen Rudy & Jorge! Mohsens 1st to do baptisms. He was and still is nice and shiny and bright. Baby Mohsen is growing up. (baby be just born again lol)

Then we tried to get Jet, our WML, some new clothes. He is Asian and doesn't like to listen to other people so he refused to even try stuff on. So ya as missionaries we get to play "What Not to Wear" as well. Its sweet as. We got him a tie anyway.

On Sunday we had a triple feed. The meal calendar got all confused and we had 3 meals- haha I may or may not have gained heaps of weight yesterday. Its okay though, it was all so good I didn't notice. Its the smile that counts aye!

As far as the work it is still hard as ever but still the part that brings the most happiness. I see the gospel change people every day but in particular this week. I've seen the biggest change in someone that happened solely because of Jesus Christ. He is 100% a different person! It just goes to show the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how much we need it to truly reach our divine potential. We are so blessed to have knowledge of the gospel and of our Savior. I am so proud to be serving as His representative. :)

Dad! Happy American fathers day! You are the best dad anyone could ask for. Hope it was a good day- sending a big hug from Australia! xx I love you!

Sister Hatch 

My study space

Coolest district in the mission aye!

Companionship skirts and our dear Sister Friedrichs (from Germany) at transfer meeting
Early morning temple trip with Mohsen Rudy, Jorge and Jet!

Monday, June 15, 2015

this week was one of the best so far!

Dear home,

This week was one of the best so far! We saw miracles, Mohsen got baptised and we got some big news! It all happened in one day and I'll start from the end. Saturday night Narre Warren Stake (our stake) invited all the missionaries in our stake (and a few sisters from other stakes) to come and participate in a mini mission with the priests and laurels. They started the mini mission Friday by going to billets (?) and getting companions and MTC training, the works. Then Saturday were given trainings etc etc then were sent out into the field!! Thats where we came in. The missionaries all split up from their companions and went with a mini companion for the day. The sisters were lucky because we got two minis! There were just so many laurels and not enough sisters so we doubled up. 

I got to take Sister Reyes and Sister Jurkovic, I think I got the best of the best. We went out and they got to be missionaries for the day. They all had a goal to give out a BofM and teach the restoration. We started by teaching our investigator Jack. I started them off and gave them a little help and they just took it! The lesson went so well and we felt the spirit so strong the whole time. Sister Reyes was able to give her BofM away with her testimony written in it, she is stellar.

Then we went tracking! Imagine being 16-17 year old kid going knocking on random doors for a day. I would be scared but they weren't at all, they just did so well. Sister Jurkovic was able to teach a man at the doorstep about the BofM and give hers ways! They were stoked, so many more things happened that day but over all just miraculous. I loved it so much, I wish everybody could go on a mini mission. I love minis, aren't they so pretty?!

 Earlier that day was Mohsens baptism at 10 am. I'll give you just a little bit of info about him first. We talked with him a few nights before and he told us about how he was taught 2 years ago and ran away the day of his baptism.........he said he wouldn't do it again. Ok. Then we are sitting there 5 minutes before it is supposed to start and he isn't there. Then we get this text, "Sorry but I can't do it, its just too much pressure". Seriously we nearly died! We went and called him and he was doing this Indian accent and fake crying and all this and said he was!! So everything went okay, he was kidding and all was well. Funny Mohsen.

Then the last bit, the big finale....

That morning president called us (as it was transfer news that day) and asked us to train a new missionary together! WE ARE HAVING A BABY! She is due Wed the 17th of June. We are stoked to meet her and ya we are both staying here in Dande 6 more weeks, we're super happy about it.

Anyway it has been an amazing week, only getting better! One thing that is great about the mission is everyday moves up on the happy scale. I get happier every day I am here. I never want to leave!!

Well thats all for this week, love you mum, love you dad and love you alllll the rest!

Talk soon
xxxxxxSister Hatch

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

how to get the most out of your melbourne experience

1: Be a missionary
2: Forget American culture
3: Learn "hello" in as many languages as possible

This is it, these are the steps you need to take to prepare for the ultimate Melbourne Australia experience.

Now let me tell you about mine. Melbourne is so densely populated w/ Asians that nearly every corner you pass either Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Japanese etc etc restaurants...and I've come to LOVE Asian of course we stopped for some Vietnamese Phó in the city. It was delicious and spicy.

Walking the streets of Melbourne city is different to any other big city, it is so artsy and unique. The street performers are always varied and interesting to watch or listen to, I usually buy a CD off them-for home. :) The Melbourne shopping is unreal! Worlds numbered like the grains of sand in the sea? Na...STORES like the sand in the sea. Its every girls dream! But $$$.....

As missionaries we get to have lots and lots of meetings, along with all the teaching and eating we do. We had MLC this week, my favorite meeting! We get trainings and have discussions and the best part is it is in the Australia Melbourne Mission home and the food is always pristine. (all day kinda thing) Then we take what we learn from pres to our missionaries the next day in zone conference meeting. I have the best zone! Our meeting was completely focused on our testimonies and the Atonement. We got to give a training which is always my favorite thing to do. I feel my testimony grow every week at these meetings. The times when I feel most motivated to do the work is after spiritual things like that-why? Because my eyes are opened up to Gods love for us-my heart feels the Saviors healing power and therefore I feel strength beyond my own to do this sometimes daunting work.

We are so blessed to have modern revelation and the BofM and all these resources to learn from. They teach perfectly who God is and how Jesus Christ can change us. That's why the prophets stress the Book of Mormon so much, because it provides the perfect words and stories that testify solely of Jesus Christ our Savior. He is the core of the gospel and in His true church we have full access to the marvelous gift He has provided for us. The gift of light, happiness and eternal salvation. Who wouldn't want this gift? Thats why I'm here, to give every person the opportunity to accept the gift that God so freely gives, it is glorious!

I know it is real, I know Christ can change us. I celebrated my 1 year in Australia on the 4th. It gave me the opportunity to reflect...this time last year I was 100% different. I was a scared baby golden getting off a plane in a country that seemed a universe away doing a work I did not understand. Now I stand here STILL scared however not so baby, and say that I am better, happier and FULL of hope because of Jesus Christ. My mission has not changed me but its provided the way for the Atonement of Jesus Christ to change me. Something I don't know would have happened had I not made this choice. I'm just so grateful! :)

Also because we get to meet so many cool people all the time...1 in particular is Mohsen, our Iranian friend who is getting baptised on Saturday! He is stoked, we are stoked...and I'm sure Heavenly Father is also stoked. I'll give you the update when I can, so Monday...

Well its been a good week here, hope its a good week there. I love yous all!

Happy 1 year
I'll see you all 2 Dec 2015

xxx Sister Hatch

Samoan dish called koko laisa made by Elder Cox- my 1 year treat

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

this week was great!

We went to gravity zone with our zone. We had a great lesson on temples with Mohsen at the Riquelmes home. They were baptised a little after they were married and have the most beautiful family now over 20 years later. We showed the Gilbert AZ temple news broadcast thing, it was perfect and I felt like I was home for a moment then I was happy I was still in Australia when it ended :) I Love both places so much.

We tracted and taught. We made gifts for our sisters. Man we were like secret agents or something this week, we had to break in to all our sisters flats and put the gifts in there. I had to break in with a credit card! Cooool as.

We had a couple people at church and everything is great! I will be one year in Australia in just a few days. I can't believe it!! Ah I got to go to the temple this week as well. Our zone got to go for temple does the rest of the mission but it was magical as always. We also got to go to a special surprise party for President Maxwell!! That was the best thing ever!! It was solely a social gathering with no meetings or trainings or was finally relaxed for 2 hours and I got to see all my favorite missionaries that I never get to see because so was fantastic. I will be better about emails, we aren't as busy this week so I'll write one out! Did you get your mothers day card?????? Love you so much!