Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tasmania is awesome and so beautiful!

This week was a good one we started on Monday at 5 am driving down to Hobart for a zone pday and then president interviews the next day. Our district drove all together in two cars its always fun to do that! Our dictrict is so great I love them all.

So we get to Hobart and get with the whole zone in huge vans to go down 2 hours to Hastings Caves! pretty cool. Lots of those hangy things stalagtites and stalagmites. I knew the difference because dad taught us that stalagtites have to hold on TIGHT so they come from the ceiling. haha ya and I don't know how to spell sorry. 
it was a lot of driving but it was a lot of fun! I guess zone pdays don't happen often so I was lucky to have it my 2nd week! it was great. Then president interviews went good I love president and sister Maxwell! and our APs are so great! Elder Wetzel and Elder Guy, they help out a lot. 
Every sunday I look back on the week and wonder where the heck it went. Time goes so so fast its crazy. We're already half way through the transfer its crazy. Tasmania is awesome and so beautiful especially in Deloraine I love it. We're definitely coming back here its too beautiful not to. Dad would love it! haha
Driving to the caves along the river! So pretty and in our van full of sisters I ended up between the only two elders that came and it was so fun! elder lio and elder ngakuru (right) love them!
So we do family history every Thursday morning and this week I found someone! I'm mailing the print out so you can all do the temple work because its for a boy. Its cool I've
never done family history before but I love how much they encourage it here. We are having trouble finding people to teach so all the prayers will help! Deloraine is just so small and so it makes it hard. Its Monday for me at 12 right now and its freezing today but other days haven't been bad at all. today is stormy but other than that the weather has been great! we walk a lot these days because we are almost out of K's for the month. Haven't worn my ugly shoes yet but im planning to soon because we won't be able to drive! haha mom don't talk about the amount of emails I get or anything on the blog or anything people aren't going to send them, I love the emails I could be depressed with out them. pls don't tell them not to send them or anything. actually just tell them to send more.thanks for all the support and everything and I love you so much and hope you have the best week.
There was a shopping center in Launceston and in the shopping center there was a "take a book leave a book"place so we left a BOM haha
The beautiful Deloraine, it's just so pretty here, we r def coming back to Tas.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hellooooo from TASMANIA!

Hellooooo from TASMANIA!
This week was so great!! I love this place and my mission so much. We started off right with that awesome district Pday which doesn't always happen, but we had our first big miracle this week right after that! Sunday night we lost our phone after going to a bunch of members houses and we prayed like every second that we would find it. haha It was crazy and we had to walk to Emilys' (Emily Gilligan member in ward) to call but we didn't have it for 2 days and we were convinced it was gone forever. We were going to call sister Epa (works in the office on the main land) to have her send us another but we wanted to check at the members houses to make sure it wasn't there one more time. We drove all the way out to Westbury and checked 2 of the 3 then on the third members home we parked in the same place and said a prayer (missionaries say like 1000 prayers a second) and I got out and IT WAS SITTING ON THE GRASS IN FRONT OF THE TIRE. Like on the side of the road about to get ran over for two days, fully charged no damage with 20 messages and missed calls. IT WAS A MIRACLE, haha because the night we lost it right before we left that members house (Porters) I felt like I should check for the phone but I thought Sister Baker had it and she had the same prompting right as we left too, haha we learned our lesson I guess. We screamed a lot and were super stoked, it was cool.
So we're teaching Sarah, I think I talked about her.  She has two kids that are very active that make it difficult to teach but we keep trying. We have been trying to help her with repentance and keeping the commandments. We will keep working with her and I will keep you updated.K so I'm just going to say what one of my really good missionary friends from a different mission says that "the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days" and it's so true! The days start at 5:45 most of the time and end at 10:30 and last forever but at the end of the week I can't believe that it is over. So ya but I love it to say the least. Me and Sister Baker get along really well. We have fun and she's not way to uptight about everything but don't worry we follow all the rules with exactness! It's good.
So we study a lot right. As I've studied I've learned so much. There are things I've already studied that I've relearned that have helped in so many different ways. So I want you all to do that! Study the scriptures with a question and GET PREACH MY GOSPEL, it will help you so much. It's not just for full time missionaries its for all of us and I want you to study it, it has the most amazing things in it. I love the Christlike attributes. We've learned a lot about the character of Christ and it is a great thing to always have an attribute you are working on daily, your lives will be better!Every morning we teach seminary to 2 students at 6:30 am. It's good but hard to keep it interesting when its still night outside and freezing cold. Email some good ideas for seminary from Alma chapters if you have them! We don't have google and it makes it hard you know, but it shouldn't be for too much longer.
I haven't met bishop yet but he gets back from holiday this week so I'll meet him finally! haha.Well it sounds like everything is great back in AZ! I love AZ, hope its not all burned down by the time I get back. Don't miss the wind though, eww I hate that stuff. Well tell me about everything, I love the letters. Tell everyone I'm sorry if I don't email every single week I just seriously don't have time to read and answer everything in an hour so I try to switch off emails every week but thank you for ALL of them from everybody! I do eventually read them all and love the support it means so much you have no idea. Thank you! 
P.S.  Ya Jackie Webster is like our second mom over here we LOVE her! Email her back.
Well I'm going to go we are having president interviews with our whole zone right now its fun! Our zone is great and we are down here in Hobart. It's so beautiful I love it. It's so weird to be in the city with so many people compared to Deloraine which is tiny with no stoplight. 
K well I'm really going this time love you heaps!!!!
Love Sister Chelsea Hatch in Tassie

Chapel in Deloraine
View from chapel
Meander River that flows through Deloraine
Old church in Deloraine
View from Zone conference in Hobart
Me and Sister Baker in Hobart
Zone Pday at Hastings Caves
Inside Newdegate Cave

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's my first week in Australia


HI MOM AND DAD and family and whoever!
Fav scripture Joshua 1:9
So its my first week in Australia. We had quite the time getting here
and it was so crazy. I was on the plane with Sister Bennett and Elder
Lan from China speaking Mandarin. He taught us some Chinese and we
almost missed our LA flight but it was fun! We left LA at 11:30 pm on
the 2nd of June and arrived in Melbourne at 8:30 am on the 4th of
June. It was a 15 hour flight but flew by. I had the medicine and it
made me pass out for a good 8 hours.
We met president and Sister Maxwell at the airport! It was nice to see
familiar faces even if it was just from a picture and also the APs
Elder Wetzel from Australia and Elder Guy who is from England 
and it was great. We left and went to the mission office and
started figuring everything out. President told us at the airport that
one of us might be headed to Tasmania that same day. WHO WOULD HAVE
GUESSED IT WOULD BE ME. haha So we went and I came to find my pressies
(presents) from mom and the sweet lady that lives here in Australia. It was so
nice. I felt really overwhelmed and scared I guess you could say. I
was great in the MTC and I felt that all of the stress and worry and
everything else kinda hit me when we landed in Australia. It was cold
and humid and I didn't feel right it was the weirdest thing but we
met a lot of nice people and that made it better.
We then went to the mission home and when we got there President
pulled me aside and told me he wanted me to be the lucky one that gets
to go down to Tas. I was kinda shocked because I honeslty never even
thought I would end up here so I just said yes I mean I can't say no.
We went in to eat and I just wanted to cry, I cant explain why I don't
really know. I was just so tired and overwhelmed and didn't want to
fly out so soon (in just 2 hours from then). Idk it was just weird.
Then I went to the office to get all my stuff packed. and they told me
I could only take 40 kilo which is like 88 lbs worth of stuff with me
and that made it worse. I couldn't take my bedding I just got and I
had to leave half my clothes on the main land. It was just stressful!
President asked if I was okay and he could tell I wasn't and just
decided to rebook the flight for the next day and I had never felt so
relieved! I was so glad he did that.
So I stayed at the mission home and it was great. I stayed with Sister
Epa who is on a mission to the office. She was so cute!
We got up and Sister and Pres Maxwell and Sister Epa drove me to the
airport an hour away. we waited and got everything good to go and I
flew out to Tasmania! Wow it is so beautiful. I am so happy I was
lucky enough to be sent here. There are so many missionaries that
don't even get to come down here their whole mission. I'm so glad I was
one of the lucky ones.
I'm in Deloraine which is the smallest little town. It is good because
it reminds me of home. I love it. All the people are so friendly and
the ward is great. Tiny but great. I love it! I have so many pictures
to send hopefully they will work.
Sister Baker is my trainer from Kaysville UT. She is really cool and
I've learned a lot from her. We get along well and still have fun! We
have to teach early morning seminary ever morning at 6;30 so we wake up
at 5:45. Bet ya can't believe I wake up that early huh? haha It's true I
really do and I love it! It's not so bad. I get to watch the sun rise
every morning and teach kids about the gospel at 6:30am.
Well the first day was good we met some of the ward and everything but
the second day was even better! First full day of missionary work in
the field. It was so good. I saw a wallabee! Which is just a small
version of a kangaroo. It was so cute I wanted to play with it but
those are everywhere, they are like deer or rabbits just on the road
all the time hah its so cool. 
So we went tracting that day and the first door we knocked on of my
first time tracting this lady was a witch, a literal witch and I'm pretty
sure she cast a spell on us before she left. ahhaaha it was so funny.
That night there was a pamper night for relief society it was great. I
met so many of the ladies and they are all so cool. They are all
either really young or old so its great. My favorite is Emily
Gilligan she is hilarious. she brought her friend from South Africa
named Lel. she is so pretty and not a member we want to teach her!
Hope we will be able to.
K you asked if I've learned any new words yes. I honestly have filled
up 3 pages of a journal with new phrases and words. hahaha
jumper= hoodie
rubbish bin= trash can
and like 5,000 more haha its like learning a new language down here I
love it. Their accents are great I can't get enough. It's become so
normal to hear them its weird hearing American accent.
So the weather here is winter! It's so cold and I don't know how I feel
about it. I do need a bigger jacket but I'll find one somewhere I
guess. Target isn't the same here at all and Walmart is like Kmart, so
no bueno. But I'll find something. I did find a straightener but I don't really use
it. I let my hair air dry straight most of the time and its okay.
but ya the weather is the worse when we are out tracting or in the
morning when we exercise before the sun comes up its freezing.
Oh ok so we're teaching a lady named Sarah. Sarah is kinda crazy. She
has mental health issues and so its kinda hard but shes got a
baptismal date so we'll see what happens. Sorry it was all over the
place this time I just have too much to write and not enough time. and
its been 2 weeks. and its freezing in the computer lab so my hands are
cold and not working and here are some pictures. I'll share more
miracles and things next week I promise!! The mission is the best
hing ever and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Love you all
so much and miss you like crazy. Sending lots of love from beautiful

Love Sister Chelsea Hatch

Our last temple walk in beautiful Provo with the pretty pink roses
and Sister Bennett.
Deloraine Tasmasnia is the most beautiful place on the planet.
On the massive two story airplane that is filled with Aussies and Americans headed down unda
Hello to the "goldens" Sister Hatch, Sister Bennett and Elder Lan
My first time in a car in Australia the steeing wheel on the right
side it was so weird! I've gotten used to driving on the wrong side now
watch out when I come home America and this is ELDER GUY from England our AP
missionary official
TASMANIA FROM AN AIRPLANE so beautiful right?
This is the first picture with my lovely comp Sister Baker!
 I am finally wearing something different I have so many pictures in that one outfit
And this is our flat! (apartment) it is so so so so so nice,
we are so lucky to have it. it is normally a senior couple flat
This is a meat pie. Kinda similar to a pot pie but better and
Australians eat it like crazy with tomato sauce, there is not such
thing as ketchup here.
For Pday we went with our district to Liffey Falls. It was SO
BEAUTIFUL. We had to hike through this dense rain forest to get to it and
luckily we didn't see any scary animals or spiders

We went to a honey farm and I thought of papa when I saw the
honeycomb! There is a bees nest with bees in it next to me look

Saturday, June 7, 2014


WE MADE IT! We landed early and it was such a good flight! I slept for 8 hours and then some more. No crying babies this time it was so nice. and everybody had accents so it wasn't so bad if they were talking.  Its so weird that I'm here already its not all sinking in. I'm at the mission office now they are going through my passport and everything. It was the weirdest getting in the car and seeing the steering wheel on the right side haha I don't know about this driving on the wrong side of the road thing.
The temple is right by the mission office and looks so similar to the Snowflake Temple! It makes me think of home its nice. We got to drive by the main city of Melbourne where all the big buildings are and what looks like all the pictures I saw online, that was fun, I think i'll like it here. 
Our mission president and wife are great and everybody here is so nice and fun! I came to the office and had bedding and everything and even a letter waiting for me! It made me feel really good and excited so thank you! Tell Tuaine thank you so so so much. Well Australia is awesome and I miss you all lots! I'll be fine here no worries! I saw maccas on the way so i'll be able to use my gift card im stoked! I just wanted to say maccas 
(Mcdonalds) and we go to our flat (apartment) later today.
k bye love you
Love Sister Hatch in Australia
PS I met the missionary that knows Minda Pacheco!! think he's in my zone (Elder Cavanaugh from Gilbert)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

once in a lifetime

It's not very often that a missionary gets to spend time in the MTC with their missionary grandparents. Chelsea was lucky enough to have some time with her grandma and papa Hastings before they each left for their missions. Its hard to describe how grateful we as parents are that she had this unique opportunity.
Sister Hatch Australia Melbourne  Elder & Sister Hastings Lousiana Baton Rouge
Perks of grandparents at the MTC, Cafe Rio for lunch!!
Saying goodbye for 18 months 
Chelsea described Stewart, who they met on the train going to the SLC airport, as "their angel". He went above and beyond to help these sweet missionaries get on their plane safely.