Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hellooooo from TASMANIA!

Hellooooo from TASMANIA!
This week was so great!! I love this place and my mission so much. We started off right with that awesome district Pday which doesn't always happen, but we had our first big miracle this week right after that! Sunday night we lost our phone after going to a bunch of members houses and we prayed like every second that we would find it. haha It was crazy and we had to walk to Emilys' (Emily Gilligan member in ward) to call but we didn't have it for 2 days and we were convinced it was gone forever. We were going to call sister Epa (works in the office on the main land) to have her send us another but we wanted to check at the members houses to make sure it wasn't there one more time. We drove all the way out to Westbury and checked 2 of the 3 then on the third members home we parked in the same place and said a prayer (missionaries say like 1000 prayers a second) and I got out and IT WAS SITTING ON THE GRASS IN FRONT OF THE TIRE. Like on the side of the road about to get ran over for two days, fully charged no damage with 20 messages and missed calls. IT WAS A MIRACLE, haha because the night we lost it right before we left that members house (Porters) I felt like I should check for the phone but I thought Sister Baker had it and she had the same prompting right as we left too, haha we learned our lesson I guess. We screamed a lot and were super stoked, it was cool.
So we're teaching Sarah, I think I talked about her.  She has two kids that are very active that make it difficult to teach but we keep trying. We have been trying to help her with repentance and keeping the commandments. We will keep working with her and I will keep you updated.K so I'm just going to say what one of my really good missionary friends from a different mission says that "the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days" and it's so true! The days start at 5:45 most of the time and end at 10:30 and last forever but at the end of the week I can't believe that it is over. So ya but I love it to say the least. Me and Sister Baker get along really well. We have fun and she's not way to uptight about everything but don't worry we follow all the rules with exactness! It's good.
So we study a lot right. As I've studied I've learned so much. There are things I've already studied that I've relearned that have helped in so many different ways. So I want you all to do that! Study the scriptures with a question and GET PREACH MY GOSPEL, it will help you so much. It's not just for full time missionaries its for all of us and I want you to study it, it has the most amazing things in it. I love the Christlike attributes. We've learned a lot about the character of Christ and it is a great thing to always have an attribute you are working on daily, your lives will be better!Every morning we teach seminary to 2 students at 6:30 am. It's good but hard to keep it interesting when its still night outside and freezing cold. Email some good ideas for seminary from Alma chapters if you have them! We don't have google and it makes it hard you know, but it shouldn't be for too much longer.
I haven't met bishop yet but he gets back from holiday this week so I'll meet him finally! haha.Well it sounds like everything is great back in AZ! I love AZ, hope its not all burned down by the time I get back. Don't miss the wind though, eww I hate that stuff. Well tell me about everything, I love the letters. Tell everyone I'm sorry if I don't email every single week I just seriously don't have time to read and answer everything in an hour so I try to switch off emails every week but thank you for ALL of them from everybody! I do eventually read them all and love the support it means so much you have no idea. Thank you! 
P.S.  Ya Jackie Webster is like our second mom over here we LOVE her! Email her back.
Well I'm going to go we are having president interviews with our whole zone right now its fun! Our zone is great and we are down here in Hobart. It's so beautiful I love it. It's so weird to be in the city with so many people compared to Deloraine which is tiny with no stoplight. 
K well I'm really going this time love you heaps!!!!
Love Sister Chelsea Hatch in Tassie

Chapel in Deloraine
View from chapel
Meander River that flows through Deloraine
Old church in Deloraine
View from Zone conference in Hobart
Me and Sister Baker in Hobart
Zone Pday at Hastings Caves
Inside Newdegate Cave

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