Sunday, December 21, 2014

12.21.14 tasmania summer lovin' 

Hey everyone its yo girl Sister Hatch from the AZ. Haha. Well this week was fantastic! On Monday we all went to the gorge. It was the worst bc it was so hot and everyone was swimming and cliff jumping and that and I wanted to and then realized I am still a missionary but we did see a seal and a young guy took off his clothes & jumped in. I swear the things you see in public these days is shocking. So funny though.

Then Tuesday we had district meeting over the phone again and had lunch! Then we did some service w/ the elders @ a nonmembers house. I saw a huge spider! 1st one I've seen. We were doing yard work and that it was good and long.

Wednesday we went on exchanges w/ the STL's, it was good. They come and double in our area for the and Sister F got to pick HEAPS of raspberries from JL's garden! Ah its raspberry season & everybody has amazing gardens here that they let us pick from, its the best!! Fresh raspberries & ice-cream= celestial kingdom on earth.

Then Thursday we went to St Helens on the EAST COAST. I've been wanting to go there my whole life (on my mish) and finally did!! Best day ever really, AC took us! We went & visited people that live out there and went to the beach for a bit! We had YUM fish & chips and then decided to go for a walk. It was sprinkling but we got out to the end and it started bucketing rain. I kid you not I felt like I was in the shower and we were just running like mad! It was an adventure, all three of us were soaked. Got a few pictures out of it though. :)

On Friday we did planning and lots of stuff and went to J & H's for a BBQ.! We had Australian sausages (like hot dogs) and it was good. They put eggs on too, that was nice! P & C A were there and so were the P's, we played games and ate good stuff, it was the best night ever!

I know what you're all thinking...she does nothing, it sounds like she's only having fun doing holiday stuff..but no! Missionary work is a part of ALL of it :) It just turns into a lot of fun when you have good members and a love for the work! Its the best.

Saturday the elders brought us breakfast! And we went and did service w/ them for another nonmember. I am now a master hedge trimmer, holla. Then put up the W's trampoline after that. Trampolines are the chillest.

Yesterday was so good! Obviously bc church and Christmas but also bc we got to go to S & L P's for tea. They had us and the elders over for a meal and Christmas celebration. We ate amazing food! The elders think that our members like them better and theirs do to so we walked up and there was a note on the car saying we aren't welcome...hahaha. It's rivalry between the wards! We all know that the sisters are the favorites though.

The p's like to sing a lot so we all went and sang hymns and stuff all night. It sounded s cool! It was really lovely, I love the P's. Now its Christmas this week and i'll be talking to yous all very soon! Love you!

E C-T said:
"Christmas without Christ is just another hollow day." So remember what Christmas is about, focus on the Savior this Christmas- on God's precious gift to the world.

Love you,
Sister Hatch #1
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12.15.14 a week of adventure 

This week we did a lot of fun stuff...not that normal missionary work isn't fun, ha! Monday we CRADLE MOUNTAIN. I went about 6 months ago and now I am the only one left in our district/zone that has been. We've been trying to get back there for ages but haven't been able to because of weather and other things. Its been crazy! One elder wanted to go so bad so we just decided to go no matter what the weather was like. It was supposed to be rainy but we got there (2 hr drive) and it was sunny and warm (perfect). We were stoked! Members came as well, it was pretty good and I don't think Tasmania could get any prettier. If anyone wants a holiday somewhere come HERE. We got back late and went to the W's (late like 7:30pm) hahaha.

The next day was our zone Christmas party! My first and only. They have a big one on the mainland w/ the whole mission, but down here in Tas its just the 20 of us...good and bad I guess. But it was fun. I liked it. Sister M likes to sing so we did a lot of that, there was a talent show..only lasted 15 minutes b/c nobody down here but man it was so good! Elder N (kiwi) sang and killed it. I'll upload the video. We had a feast and ya it was all good. Especially my gifts I got from my fam! Thank yous so much!

The zone meeting on wed in Deloraine. We have an awesome zone! (not all of us there, just our district & ZLs) but the trainings were so good. I always feel inspired after district or zone meetings. Our district leader left for home. Finished just before Christmas so Elder C is our new district leader here in Launie district. He's awesome!

We had tea w/ members every night this week. We got peanut butter M&Ms!!! (impossible to find in Australia) AND had a real Australian bbq. Lyfe is gr8.

On Saturday we went to the Launceston/Tamar wards Christmas party. It was outside at a park 45 min out of Launie called Myrtle park. It's so pretty there! It was so fun, I played w/ M a lot and kicked a ball around w/ everyone I saw... it was super hot out but it was alright. Bro P taught me how to kick and Australian football! Its pretty weird knowing Christmas is in 10 days because...nobody has lights up and its hot. Weirdest thing! 

Yesterday O came to church and so did T our cute 9 year old investigator. And we watched the Christmas devotional. I loved it, watch it if you haven't!

Thanks again for the gifts and notes from everyone. You guys are all stars. :)

Sister Hatch#1

Sunday, December 14, 2014

12.7.14 terrific tasmania 

What's happening?

Ah we had the coolest week! I've just been blown away by the miracles and tender mercies I see every single day. I've come to know without a doubt how much God loves us, every single one of us and I've really noticed that looking for the small and simple things that go right in the day makes all the difference. When I look for those things I notice them and when I notice them I am able to know/feel that they came from God because all good comes from Him! And when I realize that, thats when I have my eyes opened to how much He loves me and everyone around me. That He really does have a perfect plan for all of us.

There were so many amazing things in the work that happened this week. We met so many new and awesome people, saw miracle after miracle and tender mercies like crazy. But one thing that really stuck out w/ me that I would like to share actually happened ...well was talked in fast and testimony meeting in Launceston Tamar ward. There's just something about missionary work/experiences shared that brings the spirit so strong, that impresses people in such a special way. Well today LW bore her testimony of missionary experiences and then CR (senior missionary) who just got home from this week from SLC family history mission got up and shared her testimony. Then shared the most amazing story from a personal experience that she had on her mission. CR is a convert to the church (as most people in Tasmania are) about 50 years ago is when she joined. She has now served a mission and has children and grandchildren and great grandchildren active in the church and some on missions!

Well she said that 50 years ago 2 young missionaries knocked on her door. She was home alone so they wouldn't go in but they left "a book" and she invited them back that Saturday. They came back and took and her husband to church the next day. After that they decided they weren't that interested anymore.

One thing she said though was how vividly she remembered the one missionary that she met just a couple of times who planted the seed. 6 months later she one day felt like she wanted to go back to "that one church we went to once". Her husband could hardly remember but the very next day at the park 2 mormon missionaries came to her and shared the gospel w/ her. She still remembered the 1st one and asked about him, they said he had finished and went home but that he didn't baptise one person his whole mission.
A few weeks later she was baptised and always remembered that 1st missionary who offered her the gospel.

50 years later here she is in SLC serving a mission. One night she had tickets to a show and decided not to go because she was so tired but over and over the spirit prompted her to go to this show. So she went! She got there and walked in and saw a big man standing there. He had a name tag on, she recognized it. It was the missionary who offered her the gospel so long ago! It was the missionary who probably went home thinking he was a failure at some moments. Having no idea the influence he had in this woman's life.

She asked him questions and made sure it was him, She told him she knew he didn't baptise anyone but she needed him to know that it was because of the seed he planted that she is where she is today. She said he just cried and cried and took her to meet his wife and family. Ah!! When she shared that story I just was so overwhelmed with the best most peaceful feeling (spirit). The story showed just how perfectly Gods plan works out. How much he loves HIs children and how real His influence is. How real He is.

Also that my purpose as a missionary is to invite and not only my purpose but every members purpose! To invite others to come unto Christ. The invitation plants the seed! I have such a testimony of this knowing that no matter what, as long as we are doing the right things (commandments) God will place us in the right place @ the right time saying the right thing. Placing people in our lives to help us or for us to help them. Its no coincidence that Sister CR ran into that one missionary 50 years later, it was all in God's plan! And happened at that time for a divine purpose.

Well thats all for this one. I just want to say that I know this is Christ's church on the earth. I know because I've experienced the happiness that comes from living it. I've felt Gods love over and over again and I see lives change everyday because of it. The gospel is true and the Atonement is REAL! God loves us so much no matter what He always promises to illuminate the way before us. He'll never leave us alone!

I love Christmas time as well, always thinking of our Savior and of our loving Father who sent Him to redeem us. How blessed are we?! 

Lyfe is great. S'good. I love you all.

Merry Christmas
Sister Hatch 
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