Sunday, December 21, 2014

12.21.14 tasmania summer lovin' 

Hey everyone its yo girl Sister Hatch from the AZ. Haha. Well this week was fantastic! On Monday we all went to the gorge. It was the worst bc it was so hot and everyone was swimming and cliff jumping and that and I wanted to and then realized I am still a missionary but we did see a seal and a young guy took off his clothes & jumped in. I swear the things you see in public these days is shocking. So funny though.

Then Tuesday we had district meeting over the phone again and had lunch! Then we did some service w/ the elders @ a nonmembers house. I saw a huge spider! 1st one I've seen. We were doing yard work and that it was good and long.

Wednesday we went on exchanges w/ the STL's, it was good. They come and double in our area for the and Sister F got to pick HEAPS of raspberries from JL's garden! Ah its raspberry season & everybody has amazing gardens here that they let us pick from, its the best!! Fresh raspberries & ice-cream= celestial kingdom on earth.

Then Thursday we went to St Helens on the EAST COAST. I've been wanting to go there my whole life (on my mish) and finally did!! Best day ever really, AC took us! We went & visited people that live out there and went to the beach for a bit! We had YUM fish & chips and then decided to go for a walk. It was sprinkling but we got out to the end and it started bucketing rain. I kid you not I felt like I was in the shower and we were just running like mad! It was an adventure, all three of us were soaked. Got a few pictures out of it though. :)

On Friday we did planning and lots of stuff and went to J & H's for a BBQ.! We had Australian sausages (like hot dogs) and it was good. They put eggs on too, that was nice! P & C A were there and so were the P's, we played games and ate good stuff, it was the best night ever!

I know what you're all thinking...she does nothing, it sounds like she's only having fun doing holiday stuff..but no! Missionary work is a part of ALL of it :) It just turns into a lot of fun when you have good members and a love for the work! Its the best.

Saturday the elders brought us breakfast! And we went and did service w/ them for another nonmember. I am now a master hedge trimmer, holla. Then put up the W's trampoline after that. Trampolines are the chillest.

Yesterday was so good! Obviously bc church and Christmas but also bc we got to go to S & L P's for tea. They had us and the elders over for a meal and Christmas celebration. We ate amazing food! The elders think that our members like them better and theirs do to so we walked up and there was a note on the car saying we aren't welcome...hahaha. It's rivalry between the wards! We all know that the sisters are the favorites though.

The p's like to sing a lot so we all went and sang hymns and stuff all night. It sounded s cool! It was really lovely, I love the P's. Now its Christmas this week and i'll be talking to yous all very soon! Love you!

E C-T said:
"Christmas without Christ is just another hollow day." So remember what Christmas is about, focus on the Savior this Christmas- on God's precious gift to the world.

Love you,
Sister Hatch #1
Merry Christmas!

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