Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12.15.14 a week of adventure 

This week we did a lot of fun stuff...not that normal missionary work isn't fun, ha! Monday we went...to CRADLE MOUNTAIN. I went about 6 months ago and now I am the only one left in our district/zone that has been. We've been trying to get back there for ages but haven't been able to because of weather and other things. Its been crazy! One elder wanted to go so bad so we just decided to go no matter what the weather was like. It was supposed to be rainy but we got there (2 hr drive) and it was sunny and warm (perfect). We were stoked! Members came as well, it was pretty good and I don't think Tasmania could get any prettier. If anyone wants a holiday somewhere come HERE. We got back late and went to the W's (late like 7:30pm) hahaha.

The next day was our zone Christmas party! My first and only. They have a big one on the mainland w/ the whole mission, but down here in Tas its just the 20 of us...good and bad I guess. But it was fun. I liked it. Sister M likes to sing so we did a lot of that, there was a talent show..only lasted 15 minutes b/c nobody down here but man it was so good! Elder N (kiwi) sang and killed it. I'll upload the video. We had a feast and ya it was all good. Especially my gifts I got from my fam! Thank yous so much!

The zone meeting on wed in Deloraine. We have an awesome zone! (not all of us there, just our district & ZLs) but the trainings were so good. I always feel inspired after district or zone meetings. Our district leader left for home. Finished just before Christmas so Elder C is our new district leader here in Launie district. He's awesome!

We had tea w/ members every night this week. We got peanut butter M&Ms!!! (impossible to find in Australia) AND had a real Australian bbq. Lyfe is gr8.

On Saturday we went to the Launceston/Tamar wards Christmas party. It was outside at a park 45 min out of Launie called Myrtle park. It's so pretty there! It was so fun, I played w/ M a lot and kicked a ball around w/ everyone I saw... it was super hot out but it was alright. Bro P taught me how to kick and Australian football! Its pretty weird knowing Christmas is in 10 days because...nobody has lights up and its hot. Weirdest thing! 

Yesterday O came to church and so did T our cute 9 year old investigator. And we watched the Christmas devotional. I loved it, watch it if you haven't!

Thanks again for the gifts and notes from everyone. You guys are all stars. :)

Sister Hatch#1

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