Monday, May 25, 2015

massive member feed!

Sounds like yous had a memorable week hey. Haha that is really crazy and even crazier who it was. I hope the kids are okay. (We had someone break into our house in the middle of the night when we were home)

This weeks a blur it went by so quick, the weeks are getting shorter and the time is going faster! I hit my 1 year this week and Sister Larsen was sick so we didn't do much which is completely okay. I will do something fun for it this week for sure! 

Monday we went to the city and Sister Lattier (senior couple) made us Vietnamese Pho (fu). It is her specialty and I never got to try it when I served in the city so I got to when we went back. SO delicious I love that stuff. We got to teach a lot and went on a couple of exchanges with the sisters. I love going on exchanges and feel so lucky to be able to get to know so many sisters so personally because of it. We always see miracles when we are on exchanges, every time! It really is my boost every week (as we normally go on one or 2) and I love it. I always learn so much, especially about myself.

We got to teach Mohsen heaps this week. He hadn't gotten a solid answer yet and had some other things that were stressing him out so he couldn't focus on getting his answer. He was really stressed about baptism and wanted it so bad but needed an answer, so we all fasted together. His first full 24 hour one. In Islam they do month long ones but in a completely different way. They fast from sun up to sun down and then eat at night. For weeks at a time but we were able to fast together and had a great experience and he got his answer! Just the miracle of fasting. We talked to Jet (our ward mission leader) and he wants to do the baptism in 3 weeks because of ward council and etc etc so many things. So he will be getting baptised in a few weeks after he gets back from Sydney! I'm really excited, he is just awesome. He is the one in the red jumper in the photo at the table. He made us Iranian food!

Update on Dylan and his Iranian fam. They invited us to go to their Iranian Christian church and when they asked their priest about it he said that Mormons are not welcome. Man when we got that text we were gutted! We went and dropped by on the Sunday and he explained everything. We were so nervous that they were going to think we were bad and not want to learn anymore but they looked at it the right way! Dylan and his mum are so confused why a Christian church would not accept other Christians in. They are so confused and upset about it. They said that they are going to figure it all out this week and try to get some answers and let us know. They said that they would keep reading the BofM and ask if it is true. That book and the spirit will be our saving grace! We really hope that they don't get swayed too much. Man the adversary is so strong aye! Makes everything so hard but its good for them to be able to find out for sure. I'll let you know how it all goes.

Last night we had a massive member feed! The Faingaas (Tongan) fed all the missionaries (8) and they all eat like islanders. It was a huge island feed with yams and sweet potato (purple ones) fried chicken, steak, veggies, potato salad, raw fish, lasagne, juice, lu (taro leaves and lamb) fruit, ice cream with fruit salad and thats not even all. And there were more than one huge plate of all of those things! Its just the missionaries that eat and the family eats when we are done, just a culture thing. We played "what are the chances" and some of the elders ended up eating over 10 pieces of chicken etc etc. Lol they went hard. Its a different world with islanders man, its crazy, I love it though! The food is delicious! nic minnit 10 kg heavier, na jokes but ya a lot of good things this week and so much more that I have no time to write about. 

We have zone pday today and are going to the trampoline place! I haven't been to this one obviously but I'm excited it should be fun. All my love to all of you!!! 

Sister Hatch

Monday, May 18, 2015

ahhh so many miracles this week!

Mum its been so cool. We started off the week with no new contacts at all up to Wednesday. Then met so many amazing people. We started teaching a family! This family is our miracle. They are from Iran, there are 3 kids and the parents. They decided that they wanted to be Christian (which is sooooo dangerous) and had to leave their country to come to Australia to convert. They moved their whole family over to a place where they know nobody and hardly know Christianity any way. What an act of faith! ! They started in Perth. The mum had severe depression and had to be in the hospital for ages. While she was there one of the assistants that helped her was mormon and gave her a Persian Book of Mormon to read, told her it would help. She read the whole thing! She loved it so much, so much that she lent it to another sick person to read but before she got it bcd she was released from the hospital and moved to Melbourne. She got here and did not know where to get another Book of Mormon in Persian. She would ask the priests and none knew much about it so she has been searching.

The other day we were at the shopping center talking to people and Sister Larsen GQ'd a boy named D that was intrigued by the BofM (this woman's son it turns out) and we brought him one the next day. D's English is perfect! His mums is not at all so she sat in and he translated. When we talked about the BofM her eyes lit up and she told us (through her sons translation) that she had seen and read this book before and that she had been looking for it!! She didn't tell her family about it so her son had no idea. We pulled out the Persian one and she nearly cried. They are all amazing and want to be baptised. Pray for them! The language barrier with parents is hard but they all came to church!!! Ah they are amazing.

And Mohsen is still doing so well. He is planning on being baptised on the 30th of May!! Pray for him as well. He needs an answer! So many miracles. I love being a missionary.

Sister Hatch

Monday, May 4, 2015

staying in dande!!

Sister Larsen and I will be together another 6 and I'm stoked. We got to go to Tas again this week. We went to the south end called Glen Huon, man its beautiful down there. I am struggling with remembering things because I left nearly every important thing down there when we came back up! I left my polaroid and my coat...and my coat is gone, nobody can find it so thats good. Hah MAN rough week. Lucky its not too cold here at the moment, hopefully it turns up somewhere!

I'm still tired all the time, all is good though. I am going to eat healthy this transfer, we just threw out bags of food and candy today...

We are going to transfer meeting tomorrow, it should be good! Nothing too exciting this week but it was miraculous and I got to share my testimony of the atonement with so many, it grew heaps. I love the gospel and I love my Savior Jesus Christ! I love all you guys too, have a good week.

Sister Hatch


Do you bare your testimony in church very often? Not in church often, the members generally take the whole time. LOL funniest yesterday we went over 25 minutes soooo

Another trip to Tas