Monday, May 4, 2015

staying in dande!!

Sister Larsen and I will be together another 6 and I'm stoked. We got to go to Tas again this week. We went to the south end called Glen Huon, man its beautiful down there. I am struggling with remembering things because I left nearly every important thing down there when we came back up! I left my polaroid and my coat...and my coat is gone, nobody can find it so thats good. Hah MAN rough week. Lucky its not too cold here at the moment, hopefully it turns up somewhere!

I'm still tired all the time, all is good though. I am going to eat healthy this transfer, we just threw out bags of food and candy today...

We are going to transfer meeting tomorrow, it should be good! Nothing too exciting this week but it was miraculous and I got to share my testimony of the atonement with so many, it grew heaps. I love the gospel and I love my Savior Jesus Christ! I love all you guys too, have a good week.

Sister Hatch


Do you bare your testimony in church very often? Not in church often, the members generally take the whole time. LOL funniest yesterday we went over 25 minutes soooo

Another trip to Tas

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