Sunday, February 22, 2015

now let us rejoice 

The miracle of the week, for me, was being able to experience/see how great God is. Through this city, the people here & the miracles that came every day. We meet hundreds of people every week on the streets, trains, shops etc. Just in the past week or so I have met someone from...

Vietnam   Taiwan  India   Mexico   Japan   Italy   Korea   USA   Indonesia   Cheltenhan   Canada   Philippines   Germany   Hong Kong   New Zealand   Mal Dova   Malaysia   Iran   Srilanka   Palestine   Ethiopia   Tonga   China   Thailand   Ghana   Samoa   Bali   Spain   England   Tahiti   France   Sudan   Burma   Tanzania  Indonesia Figi Afganistan Iran 

and thats just this week...because of this I've been learning new languages. I can say hello in about 15 new languages now. Watch out!

My 20th bday was gr8. Sister Gibby & Lee came to the city to celebrate. We went to Eureka tower (sky deck) that overlooks all of Melbourne it was so cool/beautiful. I got to have my bday cupcakes 88 stories up. On top of the world! (actually on the bottom)

More great news from that day, Elders Shum/Chik (Chinese ZL's) gave me a Chinese name! I would write it in characters but you wouldn't be able to type it so here it is, ha jie mei. Now every time I meet a Chinese person I hit them with a few Chinese words I know and my Chinese name, I'm nearly fluent.

It was a fantastic birthday

On Wednesday we had zone conference. Its definitely different up here than in Tas. There were double the people and nobody was rushing to finish to catch a flight. I loved it though! Learnt so much and felt spiritually hydrated which I needed. We got a killer islander feed! Food is what I think about 65% of the time. Then apparently they wanted me to do a training..but nobody told me...I was gonna wing it but they ended up changing it. Next time, stay tuned.

Then me & Sister Maxwell had matching planners. In the words of Sister Maxwell "twinsies". (dying.) 

So many good things happened this week, I love this place! I've been trying so hard to follow the spirit when I GQ. There are SO many people and I want to stop the right ones. I talk to as many as I can but its good to have direction. Well I asked for help & then talked to a man from Italy. I invited him to the branch for a chapel tour right there and he was happy to come! He is trying to bring his family over & is just working @ the moment. We gave him a tour, introduced him to our friends @ the branch and he is now reading the BofM in Italian and coming to "Meet the Mormons" w/ us tomorrow. :) Also teaching us Italian, he's from Milan.

This week was the start of Chinese New Year so its been a big celebration here in the city. China town is right behind the branch and its so loud!

Saturday was a big day. We got to go to the sealing of a family in our branch. The mom got baptized this time last year. It was so sweet (and my 1st time inside the temple my whole mission). It was the 21st of Feb which is actually my 9 month mark! The AP's gave me permission to stay and do a session as well! I loved it. Then we went to a baptism for the city elders and then went to the branch for the Lunar New Year party! Vietnamese/Chinese party full of Asian people and Asian food. It was the BEST. We also got  new car because the one they gave us didn't charge the GPS. So overall it was a stellar day, a great halfway mark. :)

Sunday I got to speak in church and being the procrastinator that I am I wrote it that morning. Church was good as ever, I felt my Saviors love! Then went to a baptism in the Chinese zone (all in Chinese), at least I understood 1 or 2 sú jé dú. (Jesus Christ) and it was wonderful. 

My scripture for the week, Alma 26:12. Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.

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Sister Hatch-back

At the baptism we went to a real chapel and sang grandpa Jacks favorite song and for the 1st time I was genuinely homesick for Launceston, I miss my Tassie family :) love all you people down there. xx

Monday, February 16, 2015

it's sister hatch & sister albania your melbourne city sisters!! 

It's been a crazy week of up and downs! I started off w/ finding out that I'd be leaving the promised land of Tas. I felt like I'd be leaving so finding out wasn't surprising! Still really sad though. Sunday I said goodbye to my Launie family for now and got to pack up 8 1/2 months worth of stuff into 2 bags. I had to leave heapssss.

We went to the airport Mon morning to fly to Melbourne, half our district left so everyone was there. Our Elder CT was leaving home so a few of the elders did a haka for him in the airport. Those are the most powerful things and the spirit was insane! I'll try to send the video. :) It was sad to say goodbye to the other missionaries, we've all become like family. Launie outlaws 4 life.

There weren't many tears until I had to say goodbye to my baby, Sister P! Also when the plane left the made me flash back to when I was a baby golden flying into Launie airport for the 1st time, so lost and confused, excited and overwhelmed. I had no idea that place, those people, would have so much influence on my mission and life. I felt like I was leaving my home! I know I'll be back to visit in Nov though so I was alright. It wasn't goodbye, just see ya when I do. :)

On the plane I had a cool experience though! I sat next to a young woman who had her cute little baby. We talked the whole flight, a lot about the gospel and she was happy to give me her details (I was hoping I'd get called to her area) she was awesome.

Ate and Nando's at the airport! It was sooo good, got to the mission office and found all my stuff I left on the mainland when I 1st got here! I forgot about most of it. That night I got to stay w/ the Narre Warren sisters. They have a 2015 corolla with a back up camera but we still have to get out and back the other person out. whateverrr. lol

The next day I got to go to my 1st TRANSFER MEETING. Almost 1/2 way and this was my 1st. It was so good to see everyone! (haha I knew like 10 people out of hundreds) but was reunited w/ my family from when I 1st came out!  I loved being w/ so many missionaries!

The meeting was so good, the whole time we are all dying to know where we'll go, finding out was the best part. My dreams came true! I've wanted to go to the city my whole mission. I've heard all you do there is GQ and nobody feeds you but I've wanted to go so bad and I nearly died when they said my name for Melbourne City! I was/am so stoked. I am also follow-up training sweet Sister A (from Manila Philippines). :) Love her!

After that was the testimonies of departing missionaries which was so good- sad though. I don't ever want to be one leaving! It was okay though because I only really knew 1 or 2 of them. After the meeting we took pictures on pictures and ended up being there until 5-6 pm!  Launie outlaws for life! Already missing my Launie outlaw family.

All the sad stuff went away the second I got into the city the next day. Really I couldn't stop smiling. I've never been more excited! I love the city so much. We went to the branch (our branch is on the 1st floor of an office building in Melbourne) and met all the other missionaries, members etc.

Our week consisted of GQing (golden question-street contacting), GQing and more GQing. We just get to stand/walk the streets of Melbourne Australia and talk to everyone we see! I've met people from every part of the world. I love how multicultural it is here.

When we teach we meet at the branch and have lessons in the classrooms. There are about 26+ missionaries serving in the city @ the moment (all going to 1 of the 2 city branches) so it's a lot of fun seeing so many missionaries all the time.

I LOVE IT HERE! We meet heaps of Chinese people. There is a Chinese branch and I'm around Chinese always so I've decided to start working on my Chinese :) I've learnt lots of words already and use it when GQing. I love the Chinese language, I want to learn it!

Wellll all I have to say is that I'm the most lucky missionary in the world! This is my dream and I couldn't be happier. I love Melbourne! 

Ah I had a bit of Tassie love this week when I got a visit from our sweet recent convert M!! She spared some time out of her posh 1D Melbourne trip to see me :) Also had a lovely Valentines day!

Today I am 20!! So we're going out in the city, partying the only way missionaries can-FOOD and shopping. It'll be the best birthday ever! Send me mail!!

xxx, love
your city sis
Sister Hatch

My new schedule: (1st week of transfer)
6:10 am wake up
6:11 am snooze
6:15 am get outta that bed
6:20 am RUN @ the park
6:40 am still running
7:00 am shower, get ready, eat food, 
8:00 am feed spiritual hunger by feasting on the words of Christ. :)
9:00 am sing and teach each other (comp study)
10:00 am golden/language study. always fun
11:00 am eat good filipino food made by cute Sis Albania (I would starve w/o her)
12:00 pm TRAM into city! (sometimes we get lost)
12:30-3:00 pm branch then GQ! (usually @library or Bourke Street)
3:00 pm lesson or 2
3:30 pm GQ! Avoid scary as homeless people, try not to see inappropriate things, invite          others to come unto Christ
7:45 pm leave city
8:00 pm DINNER @ flat
9:00 pm plan
10:30 sleep zzzz

I'm tired 200% of the time but couldn't be happier.


Where are you serving? I am in the CITY. Everyone in the mission is serving in Melbourne but in suburbs, there is only one set of English city sisters and thats us!! I am right in the city with all the traffic and shopping and people!!

Who is your comp and where is she from? My comp is Sister P A from Manila Philippines. :) I am follow up training her. She's a doll.

How do you like public transit? Ya public transit is good! I don't mind at all. I am pretty a adaptable person though all goods

What is the biggest difference between Tassie and the city? The biggest difference is there are so many people, the branch is in an office building, we don't get fed ever, ever  We GQ all day!!! I love the city so much!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

ya g'day mate! 

It's been a crazy couple of weeks let me tell ya, but MIRACULOUS to say the least.  First I will start by saying how incredible the Launie members are, A++ for everyone of them.  They are all so special to me :).  They all cook like chefs and always encourage and uplift me and my companion.  If you're a Launie member reading this...this is for you!  You rock

we met donna

We went back yesterday and we had the COOLEST lesson w/ her.  She is a mum of 2, her husband is aways for work and she was 100% prepared for us.  We got to teach her God's love for her and testify of the power & reality of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  Her eyes were full of tears and poured over when we told her this will strengthen her family and bring her true happiness.  I know it was because she felt what we were saying was true.  Because she felt God's love for her!  I know that God's love is real.  I know that this gospel is true.  How couldn't it be, why would anybody ever doubt something so beautiful and perfect.  It's the only thing that will bring us deep, real happiness.  I know it.

That was one of only a few times when I was consciously able to see and love a person the way God would.  I felt so much love for this woman and only wanted to help her- I know that is why it was so powerful, because it was real!  She was/is so prepared, I'm honored that Heavenly Father trusted me to find her and begin sharing His love w/ her. I'm so excited to teach her again. :)  See, miracles happen when fasting.

Church was so good.  We were late bc we were getting our little investigator to church (the struggle is real #9amprobz) and we got like 4 texts asking us if we were okay and they called the elders, we are so loved!  Then we became the less active missionaries, saweeet!

This fast/testimony was amazing.  Really the spirit was x100 and then my very shy recent convert got up (fort the first time ever ) and bore the most powerful heartfelt, beautiful testimony.  I nearly died! And in that meeting I honestly couldn't believe how lucky/blessed I was to be here with such incredible people.  I love them all so much!  Launie is my home, and the Launie members are my family.

Oh!  Happy Australia Day mate!  Australia day was 2 legit!  Dport missionaries & Launie lawnmower missionaries got to go w/ our wards to the Bridport beach activity for Aussie Australia day.  It was to die for!  We got to go w/ S and P K  they are Mauri and our investigator Obeth!  I got to play cricket for the 1st time (& prob the last bc terrible at it) and got some sun!  Here's some photos.  I know, I know I'm in paradise.  I know.

This week we had interviews w/ President Maxwell it was so good!  I love President and Sister Maxwell, Sister Maxwell is hilarious, she brought fruit and we had to get up and lead music for 1 song before she let us have some fruit.  She loves music.  My interview was good.  Pres asked a lot of questions and now I have no idea where I'll be next transfer (we find out sat).  Whatever happens will be okay. :)  I told the AP's if I move to the mainland they better put me somewhere close so I can see Elder Bednar!

The Sisters from down south stayed @ the flat w/us.  I love sleep overs!  Its so fun, we all grabbed a picture together. :)

Well the only advice I can give to other missionaries who happen to read this is planning is key. Planning is the most important thing!  Always plan, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. :)

Haha k bye love you all.
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Sister Hatch from the AZ

Romans 8:37-39
Nay, in all things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.  For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

January 2015 thoughts:

*Tasmania really is the promised land
*New Years resolution: speak FRENCH
*I need to stop saying "awesome" I sound too American
*The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days
*Going on a mission is the best decision I've ever made
*How do I get a picture/interview w/ Elder Bednar
*You can never have to much peanut butter
*I can't wait to be w/ my family forever, the plan of salvation is real! God really loves us
*Where can I sign up for Australian accent class
* I'm almost 20 YUSSS (Feb 16)
* Love, love, love. Thats all we need.  Love the Savior, love your family, love your life
*Letters are blessing
* I love my life  2015 is already the best year yet