Saturday, June 7, 2014


WE MADE IT! We landed early and it was such a good flight! I slept for 8 hours and then some more. No crying babies this time it was so nice. and everybody had accents so it wasn't so bad if they were talking.  Its so weird that I'm here already its not all sinking in. I'm at the mission office now they are going through my passport and everything. It was the weirdest getting in the car and seeing the steering wheel on the right side haha I don't know about this driving on the wrong side of the road thing.
The temple is right by the mission office and looks so similar to the Snowflake Temple! It makes me think of home its nice. We got to drive by the main city of Melbourne where all the big buildings are and what looks like all the pictures I saw online, that was fun, I think i'll like it here. 
Our mission president and wife are great and everybody here is so nice and fun! I came to the office and had bedding and everything and even a letter waiting for me! It made me feel really good and excited so thank you! Tell Tuaine thank you so so so much. Well Australia is awesome and I miss you all lots! I'll be fine here no worries! I saw maccas on the way so i'll be able to use my gift card im stoked! I just wanted to say maccas 
(Mcdonalds) and we go to our flat (apartment) later today.
k bye love you
Love Sister Hatch in Australia
PS I met the missionary that knows Minda Pacheco!! think he's in my zone (Elder Cavanaugh from Gilbert)

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