Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tasmania is awesome and so beautiful!

This week was a good one we started on Monday at 5 am driving down to Hobart for a zone pday and then president interviews the next day. Our district drove all together in two cars its always fun to do that! Our dictrict is so great I love them all.

So we get to Hobart and get with the whole zone in huge vans to go down 2 hours to Hastings Caves! pretty cool. Lots of those hangy things stalagtites and stalagmites. I knew the difference because dad taught us that stalagtites have to hold on TIGHT so they come from the ceiling. haha ya and I don't know how to spell sorry. 
it was a lot of driving but it was a lot of fun! I guess zone pdays don't happen often so I was lucky to have it my 2nd week! it was great. Then president interviews went good I love president and sister Maxwell! and our APs are so great! Elder Wetzel and Elder Guy, they help out a lot. 
Every sunday I look back on the week and wonder where the heck it went. Time goes so so fast its crazy. We're already half way through the transfer its crazy. Tasmania is awesome and so beautiful especially in Deloraine I love it. We're definitely coming back here its too beautiful not to. Dad would love it! haha
Driving to the caves along the river! So pretty and in our van full of sisters I ended up between the only two elders that came and it was so fun! elder lio and elder ngakuru (right) love them!
So we do family history every Thursday morning and this week I found someone! I'm mailing the print out so you can all do the temple work because its for a boy. Its cool I've
never done family history before but I love how much they encourage it here. We are having trouble finding people to teach so all the prayers will help! Deloraine is just so small and so it makes it hard. Its Monday for me at 12 right now and its freezing today but other days haven't been bad at all. today is stormy but other than that the weather has been great! we walk a lot these days because we are almost out of K's for the month. Haven't worn my ugly shoes yet but im planning to soon because we won't be able to drive! haha mom don't talk about the amount of emails I get or anything on the blog or anything people aren't going to send them, I love the emails I could be depressed with out them. pls don't tell them not to send them or anything. actually just tell them to send more.thanks for all the support and everything and I love you so much and hope you have the best week.
There was a shopping center in Launceston and in the shopping center there was a "take a book leave a book"place so we left a BOM haha
The beautiful Deloraine, it's just so pretty here, we r def coming back to Tas.

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