Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just go to Seminary!!

You guys are awesome and it looks like youre having an awesome summer that's so good! im glad its not warm here so i don't feel left out. when im outside im not thinking i want to go boating or anything like that its FREEZING haha so its good. the last few days have been POURING rain. like crazy. And the best part is that our whole zone is almost completely out of Ks for the month so we decided to do a car fast. Our car fast was on the 2 days that it was pouring rain so we had to walk everywhere in the cold wet weather. It wasn't too bad but tiring because its all uphill and windy and were already cold! Man ive been so happy to have my gum boots (hunter rain boots also called gummies) But we were helped God is great! We saw a lot of miracles this week from it too it was good.
So back up to Monday, pday was good as it could have been, we had no money or Ks to drive anywhere so we just stayed around town. Australia is weird because they just close down stores for like no reason on the most random days and its kinda annoying. haha on Monday everything was closed and Deloraine has the cutest stores so i was bummed but oh well! Ive got like 2 more weeks at least here. It was pouring rain the whole time we were walking too so that was fun haha it actually it is nice to have a good reason to wear my gummies because i love them! 

this is our get up for the rain walking. gummies and an umbrella too.
grocery bags over our normal bags haha ghetto
Pday ends at 6 so we went to dinner at members home (S and S. T.) they are awesome and cook the best food! They have 5 kids and are really normal, we like going there for dinner. The T's like run the town they are everywhere. Everybody is related to them! Our bishop is K. T. and that girl E that i said i love is his daughter and like everybody we know here is related to them its funny. So after dinner we went to Sarahs to see her. I broke her chair when we went back on Wednesday...dang i felt so bad haha she already doesn't have that much money. i have pictures its funny. i guess it was already cracked and then i leaned forward on the front leg and it cracked more and i tried to bend it to be straight and it snapped right off. Hahahahah me and Sister B were like crying it was so funny. A.G. (E's hubby) fixed it they are our go-tos. 
Tuesday we woke up at the crack of dawn as per usual at 5:45am and went to teach seminary to two students!! it actually is really good and is bringing so many blessings i know it! Let me just give you guys a word of advice, don't ditch released time DURING THE DAY EASY seminary and not graduate because you will end up going on a mission and having to teach it at 630 a m. just a warning i'm not even kidding. haha but really everybody there is so lucky to have seminary during the day it makes it so much easier and to have a normal sized class?? that would be like a luxury for these Tassie kids let me tell you. JUST GO TO SEMINARY and love it, dang if i would have payed attention to seminary i would know so much. 
Tuesdays we have District Meeting and all the missionaries in northern Tas drive to Deloraine and we have it in our chapel. 10 of us all get assigned a topic to train the district on and i did the Christlike attribute Charity. it was really good! chapter 6 of PMG, read it live it and love it. the key to this gospel and true conversion is BECOMING like Christ. that's the only way. charity is the pure love of Christ and we need to seek to attain that attribute every day! read  the charity and love section in that chapter and study it and pray for the gift of charity, to see people the way that Christ would see them, and love them enough to share the gospel with them. DO IT DOODZ.  Around 3 the Sister Training Leaders (sister R and S) came to do exchanges! They are so great i love them. we went to Westbury and taught a few lessons and went to a less actives home and it was good. Later we went to dinner at E and A. G. (the awesome G's) and had pizza YUSSSS. we don't ever have pizza here so we take every chance we get, like today when we go to launy were getting some we are stoked like stoker. So the STLs stayed the night with us (24 hour exchange) and we planned and did all the usual and it was great. i was with sister R. she is from Utah i think and she is a GUN. i love her. She leaves in 1 transfer and i'm so sad. But she taught me so so so much, the way she teaches helped me out so much and she gave me so much confidence that i needed. We planned really well and had a good chat. We all pulled our beds out to the front room and had MEGABED. Ya idk missionaries have fun sometimes too. Bad thing was we weren't asleep until like 12 and 545 came so early.
Seminary Wednesday was so good because G. C. (one of the students) her mom heard there would be more sisters so she brought toast and hot chocolate! dang it was nice, i wish that would happen every day. Sister S and R added so much to the lesson and it was so great, they taught me so much. Sister R brought up the atonement and how it is for us and how real it is. She said Christ will literally be our advocate and stand up on judgement day and defend us. ( D&C 45:3-5). It was awesome. And later that day we taught about how the scriptures are so important to read because of all the trials and everything people went through to get them back from Jerusalem in the beg of the BOM. so read them because they only wrote the most important things and only for our benefit. READ YOUR SCRIPTURES. and be enlightened  every day. in D&C 50:24 it talks about light and getting new and brighter light every day and in pmg in the first chapter it talks about preaching the gospel every day and learning more about it and you will always gain new light and knowledge no matter how many times you read a scripture or study a principle, there is always more to learn until that perfect day! So ya i love Sister R she is the best teacher ever. Best missionary ever.
We also taught bishop and DT and taught about faith and being someone else's witness of that faith to help them grow and these people are like killer. the best missionaries ever, they pray for a missionary opp every day and set a goal to have one every single day. So that's what i want you all to do is to pray with real intent to have a missionary experience every day. Be someone elses witness, there is a scripture in romans 10:14-17 that talks about it! its awesome.
So then Thursday we did fam history and it was good good and then saw J and J.T. (bishops son). J has a smoking problem and we are trying to work with him on it with the Addiction Recovery Program oh man this program is awesome. we are also using the stop smoking thing but the addiction program is so good. Bishop and D go to the meeting every week, they don't have any problems they just feel that it brings them so much closer to Christ and like teaches so much about the atonement and everything and recommended everyone go to it. we are going next week. bring someone you know to one! just look up on the church website where one is. Promise its worth it!
Hey also, out her being a missionary i have to bear my testimony literally like 50 times a day and i never thought it made that big of a difference to bear it but it DOES. Dang like such a difference to just tell people what you know and really believe, it seriously it helps people and your testimony grow so much. I want to challenge all you people to bear your testimony this week! DO IT. It will bless your life so much. seriously its the best way to really get a solid testimony and grow every day.
sorry I have to go but i hope this letter was better.
tell everybody you know to send me a hand written letter because they are the best. also our ward made missionary gift boxes full of awesome missionary stuff and sent them out to their missionaries,,,,,....hint.
haha have a good week luv you all
This is the view from Bishops house
ps we met a lady that is a musician and John Denver recorded one of her songs before he died and she knows Keith Urban personally. you best believe we are going to her house to teach her tomorrow. HOLLA @ US


Mom- What are three of your favorite Aussie words and do you use them?
SH- um idk about my favorite but the ones i use most are "heaps" (which means lots or tons etc) and "rubbish bin" trash can and "flat"apartment and heaps of other words ill send a picture of the list i have its funny?

Mom- What is your favorite Aussie food?
SH-my favourite aussie food is the roast chicken the make its so YUM (that's what they say, yum, not yummy or yucky) haha but that and this killer Chocolate Ripple Cake look it up its so good!

Mom- Do the members feed you often?
SH-the members are awesome and feed us nearly every single night!! last month we didn't have dinner one night and that's it. they are really awesome here and there are only 1 or two really dodgy places (dodgy is like shady or sketchy) and the rest are pristine. 

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