Monday, July 14, 2014

cradle mountain tasmania north district!

    This week was crazy! Really good though. I have some big news!
Don't get too excited though its not that crazy.
  Monday we went to Cradle Mountain, its this famous mountain down in
Tas. Its so pretty! Ill send some pictures of it. It was foggy and
rained while we were there so you can't see the whole mountain but its
still beautiful. We are definitely coming back around here!
    I saw so many miracles this week! It was really cool. We haven't
had very many teaching experiences with investigators because there
just aren't any here, its hard to keep the confidence and motivation
every day because its so hard in this little town. So I just prayed
more for the people around us and for the spirit to guide us to the
people who were prepared for our message. Also that I would be able to
know when the spirit prompts me and when to act on the prompting. And
it worked!! I had so many awesome experiences, none very big but
definitely helped me know that there is someone listening to me and
helping when I need it.
    We went and had a lesson with this lady C, we GQed her.
She is really sweet and open to learn but its so hard to teach because
she believes God is everything and everyone, we are all just one
energy vibrating at different frequencies. what??? It was so weird we
didn't even know what to say. But we went over and she needed help
taking out a massive honeysuckle bush that had overgrown. So we went
over and helped with that for a few hours with like 3 of her friends.
It took ages! We were so messy but it was the best thing ever we love
doing service! Its the first time we've been able to here because
everyone always says they don't have anything for us to do. So it was
greaaat. We think C would be an awesome member if we can just
help her realize what is true!
    So the awesome miracle this week was on Saturday. We were having
a slow day, not a lot had happened at all really. But we decided to
tract Best St. We got to it and it was the shortest street ever! We
didn't think anything would happen (wheres the faith huh haha) but we
knocked 2 and no one answered but the 3rd I talked to the lady and she
was so great. She had all these cool succulent plants and I love those
because they remind me of az so we talked about that and whatever
else. Then we asked if she needed anything done and she said yes! WE
WERE SSTOKED. So we went home and changed and helped her in her garden
for like 2 hours. She opened up and told us so much, how she was
feeling so sad and lost and that she felt like she needed to do
something different in her life. She said that she felt scared and
didn't know what to do, scared because she went to school for so long
for massage therapy and now felt like she should change careers. But
me and sister B knew what change she really needed!! Her name is
S by the way. But she cried at one point and just told us all
these concerns about life and everything, it was such a great teaching
opportunity. We taught about Gods love and the holy ghost and praying
for help, we think she will be an investigator soon. She was so happy
we were there and the funny thing was that she is friends with
C the lady from earlier in the week, she saw us helping
C so I think that gave her more trust in us when we asked to
help her. Man she was just so prepared and so ready! God lead us to
her because she needed us so bad that day. I am hoping to be able to
go back and help her and teach more, shes awesome! I already love her.
    OKAY big news now. We got transfer news this week and man it was
crazy! Me and Sister B had a pretty good idea of what would
happen, like pretty sure. They send a call out with all the areas and
names of missionaries and if they are leaving Tas or not in one big
message and send it to everyone. So we got it at 945 Saturday night
and we weren't worried because we knew pretty well what was happening.
Then they got to Deloraine on the message and said that Deloraine is
closing!! Sister B is going up to the main land today and I am
being transferred to Launceston with Sister S (already in my
district). WHAT. It was crazyyyy. So today we had to both pack
everything ( so nice not having to worry about weight to fly this
time) and had to deep clean the flat because they are closing it all
down. We are heading to Launceston to drop off Sister B and Sister
K to fly out, and to move me in to my new flat! Im really sad to
be leaving the "penthouse of missionary flats"because that's what ours
is here. Its a senior couple flat so its awesome. Launceston flat is a
little dodgy but its okay ill send pictures!
    So there it is! Crazy week. Launceston sisters (us) will be
covering Deloraine one or two days a week so I hope I can keep seeing
these awesome people.
also, read the "be perfect in Christ" talk in the Ensign this month it
is so good!!

Have an awesome week, love yas

Sister Chelsea Hatch

 Last district pday at Cradle Mountain

 elder campbell and rozier

This is some of the T's, S&S, they are missing 3 boys so we took a pic in front of the family so you can see them
Luv it here even with the fog,this is my new comp Sister S, going to move in with her today
In front of the best flat ever, so sad to leave!

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