Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of july down under! tasmania style


Tasmania is awesome as ever over here for the 4th of July week! It was so weird nothing happened at all. Its obviously an American holiday but dang it was weird as. Not having fireworks and all that jazz this year. But we did get the flags and all that good stuff so we felt a little patriotic!  It was good. Some members heard we didn't have any sparklers or anything so her and her mom (G and J) they are awesome. Anyway they bought us some that morning after seminary and brought them to us! So nice of them haha it made that night so much better.
 So we still teach seminary every day, they haven't called someone yet but they better soon or I will freak out! 545 is just so early! But luckily the next 2 weeks are school holiday so no seminary. We get to sleep in until 630! that's the best thing ever. This week was big because the main guy over seminary came down from Melbourne and evaluated us, haha what. It was good though he liked us. Friday (4th) we brough breakfast for G and A (seminary) hoping it will be our last time teaching. HOPING.
  This is going to be a bit random so sorry!
   Just going to go on about how beautiful it is here and home much I love it. All the other missionaries have said its nothing like this on the main land. So im enjoying it while I can! I hope I can go up the the main land hopefully the city before my mission is over. Ive heard its awesome.
   We started teaching a lady named E. She is in her 70s and has her own church but we commmited her to read the BOM and are going back Tuesday so hopefully all goes well. We know she felt the spirit when we taught restoration so were hoping.
    We had a miracle this week! We were GQing (street contacting) which is kinda hard in tiny Deloraine because there aren't that many people, but we ran into this Phllipino lady, she is about 30. We talked to her about everything and then her fianc√© came out and we talked to him. But they were so prepared! She is looking for a church to go to and he had just recently quit smoking and drinking and all this cool stuff its awesome. The craziest part was when they invited us to their wedding! WHAT. after 5 minutes they were comfortable enough to inviteus to their wedding. Haha the wedding was yesterday. It was pretty weird and nothing like the weddings on the show "Four Weddings"which was a pretty big let down. But it was fine haha I have some pictuers ill show you. We are hoping to teach them when they get back from holiday in a couple weeks. Their names are J and N. The guy is an Aussie. 
    So when we teach seminary we are given permission to exercise in the day so we go about 10am and run down to the river and back up. Its this massive hill and beautiful I love it! We are headed to a big mountain today that is I guess the big attraction of Tassie. Its called Cradle Mountain and ive seen pictures it looks awesome. im excited to see what its like. District Pdays are the best!
  Did you know that they call braids "plaits" (pronounced plat) its so weird. I braid my hair a lot because lazy and don't care and people say it all the time. It took me a while before I figured out what they were saying haha E finally told me. Did I mention I love EG and her fam bam? Theyre cool.
  Well more about the glorious 4th of July, that is boring in Australia but its fine. That day we dressed in all red white and blue and carried flags everywhere. For companion study we pledged to the flag and for district meeting we sang the national anthem. There are more American missionaries than aussies so we overruled them! It was funny. The Aussies wouldn't stand when we sang it though haha rude. But it was a good meeting we learned so much. The zone leaders came up from Hobart and trained it was really good. I had a pretty hard day, it was the first hard day since ive been in the field. it wasn't because of homesickness (because lets face it it doesn't feel like 4th of July because its freezing and nobody has normal accents) but it was because I just felt inadequate and like I didn't know anything. Then I read that article I told you to show Jordan and it made me feel better. I mean everybody should read it! Its so good. Then the ZLs gave sis b a blessing and I really felt that I needed one so Elder H( from England) gave me one. It was so powerful and exactly what I needed. I just really gained the strongest testimony of the power of the priesthood right there, its real. They really have the power to speak as if they were God and I felt that when elder H was giving my blessing, he was saying things that he would never know I needed help with and was giving comfort in all the exact perfect ways. There is no other way that he could have known to say those things except through god. The priesthood and the power and authority is amazing! Use it often and always be worthy of it, seriously awesome.
  Ps this week I had to pray in church and crazy enough it was the first time id ever done that. Ive had a lot of 1sts in the last few months, which only means im growing stronger! The first step to becoming better and moving forward is to step out of your comfort zone and ive seen that's the only way to to things on your mission. Its helped me so much.
Well overall this week was a solid one and I cant wait for more amazing times out here! Sorry this is short but 1 hour is just not enough time! I'll write letters and stuff. I just need addresses and im golden! (Literally golden because that's what they call "greenies" in this mission. im a golden!)
and we get transfer news this Saturday night so stay tuned!! Wish me luck!
Have an awesome week you awesome people in Merica.
I love usa
sending love from Tassie!
sister chelsea hatch

PS and make people mail me stuff, not instead of email but definitely do
that too haha I want letters

Australia Melbourne Mission
76 Cathies Lane
Wantirna South VIC 3152

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