Wednesday, June 10, 2015

how to get the most out of your melbourne experience

1: Be a missionary
2: Forget American culture
3: Learn "hello" in as many languages as possible

This is it, these are the steps you need to take to prepare for the ultimate Melbourne Australia experience.

Now let me tell you about mine. Melbourne is so densely populated w/ Asians that nearly every corner you pass either Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Japanese etc etc restaurants...and I've come to LOVE Asian of course we stopped for some Vietnamese Phó in the city. It was delicious and spicy.

Walking the streets of Melbourne city is different to any other big city, it is so artsy and unique. The street performers are always varied and interesting to watch or listen to, I usually buy a CD off them-for home. :) The Melbourne shopping is unreal! Worlds numbered like the grains of sand in the sea? Na...STORES like the sand in the sea. Its every girls dream! But $$$.....

As missionaries we get to have lots and lots of meetings, along with all the teaching and eating we do. We had MLC this week, my favorite meeting! We get trainings and have discussions and the best part is it is in the Australia Melbourne Mission home and the food is always pristine. (all day kinda thing) Then we take what we learn from pres to our missionaries the next day in zone conference meeting. I have the best zone! Our meeting was completely focused on our testimonies and the Atonement. We got to give a training which is always my favorite thing to do. I feel my testimony grow every week at these meetings. The times when I feel most motivated to do the work is after spiritual things like that-why? Because my eyes are opened up to Gods love for us-my heart feels the Saviors healing power and therefore I feel strength beyond my own to do this sometimes daunting work.

We are so blessed to have modern revelation and the BofM and all these resources to learn from. They teach perfectly who God is and how Jesus Christ can change us. That's why the prophets stress the Book of Mormon so much, because it provides the perfect words and stories that testify solely of Jesus Christ our Savior. He is the core of the gospel and in His true church we have full access to the marvelous gift He has provided for us. The gift of light, happiness and eternal salvation. Who wouldn't want this gift? Thats why I'm here, to give every person the opportunity to accept the gift that God so freely gives, it is glorious!

I know it is real, I know Christ can change us. I celebrated my 1 year in Australia on the 4th. It gave me the opportunity to reflect...this time last year I was 100% different. I was a scared baby golden getting off a plane in a country that seemed a universe away doing a work I did not understand. Now I stand here STILL scared however not so baby, and say that I am better, happier and FULL of hope because of Jesus Christ. My mission has not changed me but its provided the way for the Atonement of Jesus Christ to change me. Something I don't know would have happened had I not made this choice. I'm just so grateful! :)

Also because we get to meet so many cool people all the time...1 in particular is Mohsen, our Iranian friend who is getting baptised on Saturday! He is stoked, we are stoked...and I'm sure Heavenly Father is also stoked. I'll give you the update when I can, so Monday...

Well its been a good week here, hope its a good week there. I love yous all!

Happy 1 year
I'll see you all 2 Dec 2015

xxx Sister Hatch

Samoan dish called koko laisa made by Elder Cox- my 1 year treat

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