Monday, June 15, 2015

this week was one of the best so far!

Dear home,

This week was one of the best so far! We saw miracles, Mohsen got baptised and we got some big news! It all happened in one day and I'll start from the end. Saturday night Narre Warren Stake (our stake) invited all the missionaries in our stake (and a few sisters from other stakes) to come and participate in a mini mission with the priests and laurels. They started the mini mission Friday by going to billets (?) and getting companions and MTC training, the works. Then Saturday were given trainings etc etc then were sent out into the field!! Thats where we came in. The missionaries all split up from their companions and went with a mini companion for the day. The sisters were lucky because we got two minis! There were just so many laurels and not enough sisters so we doubled up. 

I got to take Sister Reyes and Sister Jurkovic, I think I got the best of the best. We went out and they got to be missionaries for the day. They all had a goal to give out a BofM and teach the restoration. We started by teaching our investigator Jack. I started them off and gave them a little help and they just took it! The lesson went so well and we felt the spirit so strong the whole time. Sister Reyes was able to give her BofM away with her testimony written in it, she is stellar.

Then we went tracking! Imagine being 16-17 year old kid going knocking on random doors for a day. I would be scared but they weren't at all, they just did so well. Sister Jurkovic was able to teach a man at the doorstep about the BofM and give hers ways! They were stoked, so many more things happened that day but over all just miraculous. I loved it so much, I wish everybody could go on a mini mission. I love minis, aren't they so pretty?!

 Earlier that day was Mohsens baptism at 10 am. I'll give you just a little bit of info about him first. We talked with him a few nights before and he told us about how he was taught 2 years ago and ran away the day of his baptism.........he said he wouldn't do it again. Ok. Then we are sitting there 5 minutes before it is supposed to start and he isn't there. Then we get this text, "Sorry but I can't do it, its just too much pressure". Seriously we nearly died! We went and called him and he was doing this Indian accent and fake crying and all this and said he was!! So everything went okay, he was kidding and all was well. Funny Mohsen.

Then the last bit, the big finale....

That morning president called us (as it was transfer news that day) and asked us to train a new missionary together! WE ARE HAVING A BABY! She is due Wed the 17th of June. We are stoked to meet her and ya we are both staying here in Dande 6 more weeks, we're super happy about it.

Anyway it has been an amazing week, only getting better! One thing that is great about the mission is everyday moves up on the happy scale. I get happier every day I am here. I never want to leave!!

Well thats all for this week, love you mum, love you dad and love you alllll the rest!

Talk soon
xxxxxxSister Hatch

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