Monday, June 22, 2015

i'll tell you the best news first...

I'll tell you the best news first...our golden arrived safe and sound wed 17 June. We all met @ mission home (all transfers & golden) to have lunch & orientation...1st one since I arrived here one year ago nearly exactly because I've been in Tas! We had good food and good company.

We had district meeting and man, we have 5 goldens just in our district, out of 10 that came. Goldens bring miracles so we'll hopefully see a lot in the next few weeks. Our one is named Sister Salyer. Everybody stuffs her name up and says "Slayer".. its pretty hilarious. She was actually a visa waiter in Gilbert AZ! Higley Stake! She lived on Ray and Williamsfield (??) so right around the corner from some of yous. She is smart and happy and has so much potential- we're stoked to have her! She also has cool hair from CA, USA.

Now some more good news! We got to go to the temple w/ Mohsen Rudy & Jorge! Mohsens 1st to do baptisms. He was and still is nice and shiny and bright. Baby Mohsen is growing up. (baby be just born again lol)

Then we tried to get Jet, our WML, some new clothes. He is Asian and doesn't like to listen to other people so he refused to even try stuff on. So ya as missionaries we get to play "What Not to Wear" as well. Its sweet as. We got him a tie anyway.

On Sunday we had a triple feed. The meal calendar got all confused and we had 3 meals- haha I may or may not have gained heaps of weight yesterday. Its okay though, it was all so good I didn't notice. Its the smile that counts aye!

As far as the work it is still hard as ever but still the part that brings the most happiness. I see the gospel change people every day but in particular this week. I've seen the biggest change in someone that happened solely because of Jesus Christ. He is 100% a different person! It just goes to show the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how much we need it to truly reach our divine potential. We are so blessed to have knowledge of the gospel and of our Savior. I am so proud to be serving as His representative. :)

Dad! Happy American fathers day! You are the best dad anyone could ask for. Hope it was a good day- sending a big hug from Australia! xx I love you!

Sister Hatch 

My study space

Coolest district in the mission aye!

Companionship skirts and our dear Sister Friedrichs (from Germany) at transfer meeting
Early morning temple trip with Mohsen Rudy, Jorge and Jet!

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