Tuesday, June 2, 2015

this week was great!

We went to gravity zone with our zone. We had a great lesson on temples with Mohsen at the Riquelmes home. They were baptised a little after they were married and have the most beautiful family now over 20 years later. We showed the Gilbert AZ temple news broadcast thing, it was perfect and I felt like I was home for a moment then I was happy I was still in Australia when it ended :) I Love both places so much.

We tracted and taught. We made gifts for our sisters. Man we were like secret agents or something this week, we had to break in to all our sisters flats and put the gifts in there. I had to break in with a credit card! Cooool as.

We had a couple people at church and everything is great! I will be one year in Australia in just a few days. I can't believe it!! Ah I got to go to the temple this week as well. Our zone got to go for temple month...as does the rest of the mission but it was magical as always. We also got to go to a special surprise party for President Maxwell!! That was the best thing ever!! It was solely a social gathering with no meetings or trainings or anything..life was finally relaxed for 2 hours and I got to see all my favorite missionaries that I never get to see because so far...it was fantastic. I will be better about emails, we aren't as busy this week so I'll write one out! Did you get your mothers day card?????? Love you so much!

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