Sunday, October 11, 2015

we have had the craziest week!

Here in Australia we get to see conference one week late so we got it this week. It. Was. So. Good. Every time I watch I try just to take a step back and realise what is happening when these people speak, when God's prophets speak. I always imagine how it would feel to hear Moses or Abraham speak or even King Mosiah. It would be incredible! But is it any less incredible w/ our prophets today? Its just so cool to think that (D&C 1:38) when we listen to them we are listening to God's voice "...whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants it is the same". I feel that every time I hear them I feel the spirit but it takes it to a whole new level when you close your eyes for a moment and hear them with God's loving voice. Kind of like life, when we see people...its good but these "people" become more than that when we see them as God does...from a parents perspective they become more than just people but our family, brothers and sisters with goals and dreams, with trials and challenges. So it is w/ the prophets. They become more than just people when we change our perspective, the Holy Ghost can change our hearts soften them and fill them with charity and humility. 2 things that are truly lacking in todays broken world. But one thing I've really learnt is that these prophets are normal too! They have trials just as much as anyone else. Prophets are #thebest.

We have had the craziest week! Too many things to tell! We had MLC @ the mission home, exchanges, teaching, this and that happened and now we have another sister living w/ us until transfers which is NEXT WEEK. Time is so fast!! She is from Korea.

My jaw has recently stopped working so I haven't been eating much. We're 99% sure its TMJ. Sis Maxwell says I need a night guard, I think I grind my teeth at night. Its pretty sore but I'll manage. All is well.

Anyway ya. Its officially summer! It is so warm and sunny. Today is rainy- always happens on pday but its good. I love ❤️ Australia. ❤️ all of you.

Sister Hatch
Ofa atu
we unintentionally wore the exact same clothes. elder johnstone

me and my two oldest daughters at mlc this week

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  1. Lovely inspired mission and it takes great courage to make that first step - blessings and well done.