Monday, October 5, 2015

beautiful weather is finally here!

Kia ora whanau! (Kia ora : hello  whanau : family in Maori)

How's it going? Narre Warren Zooone. Today we have zone pday w/ the best zone in AMM! Bubble soccer and BBQ. Yussss. Beautiful weather is finally here. 30º is a bit hot but I'm stoked summer is finally here - daylight savings began Sunday so it doesn't get dark until 
8pm and it stays warm, every missionaries dream, tract until the cows come home. Uhhh- well ya, anyway.

We had mini's with us again this week. Nina and Sabrina! Both gems. Mini missions are the best- if you are preparing for a mission...or just want to have the best experience of your life go on a mini w/ the missionaries. Wish I did but its all okay because I've done probably 10 since being here.

We had golden review on Thurs for Sister Paulo and it was so good! It's where all the trainers bring their babies back to the mission office to be tested by AP's & Pres and Sister Maxwell. We give trainings etc as well. Heaps of fun and cookies at the end, our baby killed it! Sister Paulo is just good as. We love her.

We had exchanges as well. I stayed here w/ Sister Paulo & another sis and Sister Wairepo left. We always see miracles on exchanges. We were tracting- it was so hot AND a public holiday so either nobody was home or there were 100 people at home drinking watching the footie final (equivalent to USA Super Bowl just not as flash). But after hours we finally met a guy called Mervin. We taught restoration briefly (on street) and he said he wanted to come to church! And he came! And is good as. Funny enough we had finished and were walking back to the car and Heavenly Father put him and a couple others in our path. Miracle! He's from Philippines- he's cool.

It's been the best week w/ the best people. Love it here- so much.

Love yous too.
Ofa atu (love you : Tongan)
Aro ha nui (love you: Maori)

xxx Sister Hatch
melbourne temple

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