Monday, September 28, 2015

i hope you're all well wherever you are #gr8week

Kiaora whanau,

We had mini missionaries and food and miracles and meetings. Cheneice and Frieda came with us for 3 days. We saw heaps of people and tracted and had some fun! The weather was a bit up and down as you would expect here in Melbourne. Its all over the place, they're not kidding when they say "4 seasons in one day", its real life. One minute hail nic minnit hot as...

We found out about Elder Scott and man I couldn't believe it. It is the 1st time in...I'm pretty sure forever that there have been 3 vacancies to fill in the quorum of the 12. The Lord is hastening the work! Both here on earth and in the spirit world. Why else would He need 3 apostles to come to teach all those spirits there? Times are changing, the world is getting worse by the day! The gospel is something that never changes. The gospel is the "good news" we share, that because of Jesus Christ we can all be free from death, sin, sorrow, and fear. The good news that even admist all this change and darkness in the world, the light and life of the world, Jesus Christ, is still living. His gospel is here and his love is real! Because of Him our potential is reachable. We CAN become a doctor, scientist or mum or grandparent. We can be anything we want. We have so much divine we come closer to Heavenly Father and His son...we begin to see that potential as we capture glimmers of eternity in the spiritual moments He provides as we work towards Him.
I say it because I've experienced it! But enough about me, try for yourself and you'll see its real. Then you'll be equally as stoked. See yous on the flip side.

Anyway after hearing about Elder Scotts passing and realizing how close the 2nd coming is I just felt an overwhelming sense of urgency. I felt so much love for these people who are "perishing in unbelief". I just felt so responsible to give these people the opportunity to find the truth! To find the church whose name will come out of Jesus Christ's mouth when He descends from heaven. Just to give them the happiness and surety I have! Earlier that day we were challenged by Elder Seiuli to find 3 solid new people to teach and a miracle happened. We did, a family. They let us right in and we taught what we know! It was a big miracle.

I was able to get a letter from my recent convert Georgia. She is doing SO well in Adelaide, going to the temple and mission prep...just being so good! And is thinking about a mission herself. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to see so many people grow and change for the better. The darkness that disappears and is replaced w/ love and light as the gospel is introduced amazes me. If you look closely there is always a difference in the eyes of those who walk with Christ daily. Why wouldn't there be? Shout out to Georgia! I love you!

Last night we had our monthly big feast at Bishop Lavakas. #heaven Fried chicken, taro, purple sweet potatoes, fruit salad, potato salad, lamb, noodles, raw fish, pudding, etc, etc, etc. Enough food to literally feed and army. Nothing you'd find in the USA, islanders just know how to do it.

We got to have zone conference this week as well. Zone conference is the best! Our zone, the Narre Warriors get 10/10.

And I love Pres and Sister Maxwell. They are the biggest blessing- I really think they are one of the big reasons I was called here. They are exactly the mission parents I need and again I say, I love them.

I love Australia and my companions and my area and my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm really happy. I hope you all are too.

Aro ha nui
Ofa atu
Sister Hatch


What did you have for breakfast lunch and dinner yesterday? For breakfast I had some yogurt and Up & Go drink..yummmm..lunch we had sausages and dinner we had a FEAST! I talked about it in the letter :) Good food all the time here.

What is the best thing about President Maxwell? The best thing about Pres Maxwell is his love and humility! He has done so much and has so much knowledge and man, the son of an apostle but he is so so so humble about it. He asks us what we think on everything and really cares about our input. He loves people so unconditionally and makes anyone feel it when they are around him, same with Sister Maxwell. They are the best ever.

What is the greatest blessing from serving a mission? The is a loaded question. The biggest blessing is knowing my Savior and Heavenly Father. (along with 100,000 other things) It gave me perspective for who I could become and for who others could become as well. The biggest blessing is the knowledge I now have that no matter what happens, because of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father tomorrow can always be a great day.
huge lizard

beautiful sunset

youth from the ward, some who came on the mini mission, aren't they beautiful?

sky high mt dandenong

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