Monday, September 14, 2015

the GREAT OCEAN ROAD trip today!!

Sorry I don't have an informative letter this week just yaaa. So president let me call Hayley and find out when they are being sealed and they are getting sealed Dec 4th so I asked president if I could stay for it and I've extended to the next week. I'll let you know for sure on a date when I know it but at most a week more than originally planned. I prayed a lot about it and feel its all goods for that. Let me know what you think. Honest it was such a miracle that it is that date and Sister Stewart (already home) is coming as well!! I am just so happy, what a perfect way to end my mission.

About Sister Paulo our golden, she is the sweetest, cutest thing ever and has the prettiest singing voice! She's a gun! I'll let you know more next week. Sorry for the late letter, I was in heaven, and still am. Love you all so much!

Sister Hatch
just photos of paradise

the view

well uh i'm in the most beautiful place on the planet earth so

12 apostles on the great ocean road trip on a beautiful day in australia. we also met members there! crazy. they are from Utah and were american as. hahaha funny american tourists but don't get me wrong i look exactly like a tourist today

sister paulo arrived from philippines on thursday, what a sick 1st pday aye!

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