Wednesday, September 9, 2015

time, i don't know what that is anymore...

Time, I don't know what that is anymore because I feel like I have none of it. It goes so quick and the transfer is already over, I've been with Sister Wairepo for 6 weeks! We got transfer news this week and its big! Sister Bennett our first born will be leaving but me and Wairepo will both be staying! Ahhh I'm so excited, I don't think I've ever been so nervous about transfers in my whole life. Mini heart attacks all around. Its been 6 months here in Dande and moving up to 7.5 now! Just as long as Tas! Our zone leaders got us all together in a circle and they had lit candles for us all and we held them and they walked around and blew out your candle if you are scariest thing ever but ours kept burning! Our zone is changing a bit but only good things to come. We also got the news from President that we will be training again this transfer, we are so stoked. even better because the nursery is all set up already but we will miss Sister Bennett, she's our portable mormon radio.

So we talked to the zone leaders about this place called Brighton beach, its the picture of the boat houses all painted and beautify that pops up when you google Melbourne. They said that our whole zone could go if we got 12 new contacts (new person who accepts a return appointment and gives details) each uh you know what happened we just went crazy finding all these new people to teach. We had district and zone finding and it was close but we all got the 12 and even exceeded it! Miracles! Today we got to go have a sunrise devotional and testimony meeting there. IT WAS FREEZING but so pretty and good. The craziest thing was there were people swimming in the ocean the whole time with no wet suits or anything. Literally 40º F out there, like fareezing but so good! We have the best zone honest, Narre Warren Zone!

And ya the work is just pressing on and on! Time is getting faster and faster and the weather is getting warmer. Melbourne is so unpredictable, it will be raining and windy one second nic minnit its sunny and hot as but I love it so much. The more I'm here the more I want to just never leave, I'm sure all of you will feel the same when you come one day. I'll have a place for you to stay! ;)

No words can describe how grateful I am to be here serving in Australia. It really is the most beautiful place in the world with the most unique people. I love it I love it loveeeee it. This work really is of God, He is at the head of it. He directs

it, I just know it and thats all I can say. Keeping it to the basics because if you do that all that comes after is progression and thats fundamental.

I love you all and I love my Saviour Jesus Christ.

xxx Sister Hatch
just a taste of the sweet as Melbourne City art buildings 

big as balloons leftover from a ball in Werribee

Brighton beach but don't worry we didn't go on the beach hence the backs of the shacks not the front

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