Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kiaora whanau...talofa lava!

Shucks! It's been a good as couple of weeks. Life in the Narre Warren Zone couldn't get any better. Its just so cool seeing all these changes in the mighty Melbourne mission. New shiny  goldens are coming and raising the bar! They are all on fire. We had 2 goldens come into the zone mid transfer this week alone and more to come soon. They all bring so much faith and it has boosted the mission heaps.

This week we had another MLC. I always learn so much @ those meetings. We were given heaps of trainings but my favorite was President Maxwells on repentance. Before my mission I always thought repentance was for the big bad sins alone. It had a really negative connotation in my mind as it probably does for a lot of people. As I've learned more about what repentance actually is it becomes less and less scary and just more and more hopeful and promising.

When we think about the two reasons why we came to earth and when we truly understand  them, repentance no longer is for those who have gone off the path but it is just as much for those who are doing everything they should. (and lets be honest, none of us are perfect)

The reasons we came were 1) so we could get a body. The 1st step we need to be in line to becoming like Heavenly Father and 2) to learn and grow through challenges and trials and faith. Our end goal is to return to Heavenly Father but not just to return to him (if it were that simple, why did we leave?) but to instead change...take on the nature of Jesus Christ while on this earth. This is the condition in which it is required that we return.

I think of it like the army or boot camp...mothers don't send their children (adults lol) away to a 3 month boot camp to do the least exercise possible and barely pass with no real results in physical fitness (which would be pretty hard to do, just go with it) They go to be tested and challenged so that they will improve so that they will change. Their bodies become stronger, they can endure more and have more experience.

The same is for us here...we need to change to strengthen our muscles and to grow stronger, to stand in Heavenly Fathers presence a changed person, a new refined being, ready to receive all the promised blessings of heaven. (Which is where we can compare again to the army) If you do training but don't actually change then go out to the field of active duty (ultimate goal) you wont make it. You just wont, you will not be ready.

All of us are here in this fallen world trying to make it home with no mistakes, thinking if we make one its over, but its not. He knows exactly what we will do, w\everything and just because He is aware already doesn't mean its okay but it does mean that He knows what we need to change. Thats why He provided a Savior! So that we could fix the wrongs and improve the rights. Repentance again is defined as change. A change from bad to good and good to better. What do I need to change today to be more like or closer to Jesus Christ tomorrow?

We listened to a talk by Elder Christofferson, he explained that repentance helps us achieve our divine potential, because it gives us access to His power..which is the only means by which we can change our nature, who we are.

A wise missionary once said that no matter what kind of change we are making, spiritual or physical, it always involves the Savior. He is what makes it possible for us to improve. Every day if we think of it that way and remember all the changes we have made in life it gives a glimpse of how much He really is there with us. 

Elder Christofferson talked about the need to resolve even the smallest things. He said "nothing is swept under the rug" but once it is resolved it is forgotten and that small weight needs to be lifted off of us! If we fail to change to resolve the small things we only can continue in disobedience one thing after the other and we must remember that justice continues as well. We are truly accountable for everything...imagine a lifetime of small weights of guilt piled on your back...of course that would stop progression, after a while you won't be able to walk or even stand. (all figuratively of course) The savior can set you free from all the weight, all we need to do is have a desire to change and then humble ourselves enough to ask for the blood of Jesus Christ to enable the change to happen.

Think of the word "renounce". It means abandoning something to disown, to have no association. This is what we experience after complete repentance...when our natures are changed. We never want to go back to our old ways. Change is not easy and doesn't happen over night, but consistency is key! If we are consistent in always choosing better it gets easier. "Repent daily, improve eternally". One thing I have learnt on my mission is about fear. Who do I fear? Do I fear man who is small and of the imperfect world or do I fear God who's opinion matters more? That helps with pride heaps. I was (and still am) prideful as, but still improving, still changing. Anyway, just food for thought.

Do your dreams have Australian accents? Yes, I dream in Australian/ Kiwi accent and cars are driving on the left side of the road as well/. Even if I'm at home in my dreams cars are still on the left.

What kind of cold cereal do they have there and do you eat much? The most famous cold cereal is Weet Bix and I love those. Also Milo cereal. I definitely eat it when we have it but the milo cereal is expensive as and the Weet Bix, I just forget about them. A member gave us a box of 100 oats packets so uh...we just eat that.

Are you still exercising? Yes we box and do all the other stuff. Its starting to get brighter earlier in the morning so we'll do more outside soon.

What was the best thing that happened this week? Well we got to have lunch with Pres and Sister Maxwell again. That was wonderful and we got to teach our resent converts mum last night! She wants to learn more, we are stoked mostly because she didn't want to do anything with church 6 months ago.

*I can't believe that mine and Haydens goldens know each other!! That is CRAZY! I know where we'll be going on holiday. (Chelsea's cousin Hayden in England, both have comps they are training from Tahiti)
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