Sunday, August 2, 2015

my comp is sister wairepo!

My comp is the beautiful Sister Wairepo, I was correct. (Maori name...roll the RRRR). Sorry I don't have a letter this week, its been so so busy and I have so much to do today as well. I am also giving a 15 minute training all alone and MLC tomorrow which man, is a bit stressful. Haha but all goods. This week has just been so so so good. Sister Wairepo is the greatest and I am so excited to serve with her. We have so much fun together and I have already learnt heaps from her. She is Maori! From Hamilton, NZ (my future home, we've already made arrangements and plans so) She is turning 22 on the 16th so like if you wanted to send her some love. She loves Jolly Ranchers.

She has the coolest story, so inspiring but pretty personal so I might write a bit of it in a letter. She helped me realize the importance of a mission. Everybody should go on one regardless of circumstances because its the very best to prepare you for life and God will take care of you no matter what. We have been able to be in a lot of the members homes this week which is my favourite and we got to go to the temple, and we just had fun. I just love it so much, life is great! Wonderful even. I am happy.

Pray that we will find new people to teach or new families to teach! We have had less actives go to the temple and a less active family go to church a couple of times!! Such a miracle. Its really cool the work that is happening here. I love it.

Love you!
lunch with Jhinny

and sister kruyer and sister brodie (both gone or leaving next week) ahhhhhhhhh

and sister gibby and sister haenga,,,she is one of my newest grandchildren, im so lucky. :)

and this is the beautiful wairepo (maori name...roll the RRRR) :)

had dinner with a family in churchill park ward. Katie (next to me) was one of my mini missionaries from the first mini mision a couple months ago, we get on well and get to go to their house sometimes :) they made a KILLER trifle! ah so good.

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