Monday, August 10, 2015

sooooo we have big news!

Sorry for no letter again, its been a crazy week again. We had heaps of fun, maybe too much fun! Mission life is just the best, I can't get enough of it. Soooo we have big news! Me and Sister Wairepo will be having a baby! President called and asked us to train a new missionary that is coming in tomorrow! She is from TAHITI and speaks French! We are stoked as. So who do you think is mum/dad? Last time I was dad but...

So that's the best news we've got! We are so happy, can't way to meet her. We had MLC and it went so so well. I always have a headache after because of so much concentration and writing but all goods, I always learn heaps.

We got to help out the sisters a lot this week, went to the dentist, doctor, did a driving test and all other things. But man it was good! We saw many miracles. One was when we were doing the drive test, it is really serious here and we go and a man comes out and says I can't go with her for her test (but uh, sight and sound) so we didn't know what to do. I explained the problem and he just went inside and a girl instructor came out....but still a problem...and then I was explaining to her and then a random walks up and said he was a member!! This random is a driving instructor and is friends with her (1) and he was a MEMBER (2) never see members hardly anywhere here, and he had his sister with him (3) that I could stay with while she did the test. Pres said it was all goods, then proceeded to say that we were getting a Tahitian baby, ahhhh, total miracle. I know it was because of obedience! Serious, when we do what the Lord asks He always provides a way for us. That was just a little lesson I learnt this week. Although some things are really small and seem like they don't make all the difference! God takes care of us when we are obedient to the simple things he asks...a lot of times I think he gives us these rules or commandments just to test our faith. Ya we might go without something but it is in exchange for something even better, something that only God can give and that the human mind cannot comprehend, a happiness that is so out of our reach without Gods help.

I feel so lucky to be able to know what God wants for us and the simple things we have to do to access those blessings.

Anyway, stellar week, stellar life. It just keeps going. I can't wait to see what this week brings! We are flat out busy and won't have time to breathe but I'm stoked. And Sister Wairepo is my best friend. I love her.

Sister Hatch


Have you decided yet when you will be coming home? I'm thinking probably just go on the transfer so the 2nd (Dec) but haven't decided yet.

What is your favorite teaching tool to use with investigators? I like to use little likenings, like cups for restoration or plan of salvation drawings or pen and prophet thing. I like analogies, they my fav.

What is something about Australian culture you never thought you would get used to? Ummmmm I never thought I'd say 'reckon' but now I say it 100 times a day.

What are some random things that happened to you this week? Well, we went on a mini mission with 1 day notice, my comp chipped her tooth so we had to go to the dentist to get that fixed. We got to teach a Chinese boy named Steven at a members home, I remembered my Chinese!! Took a driving test...and we got to use the AP's van and that was shwagga. Dang best week ever.
we went to the sky deck again, city lyfeee!

shanti got baptised

and this is a photo of a mini mission we did this weekend. :) i love my mini's! we get to do another on this coming week, i'm stoked 
and we are now the sister AP's, haha just kidding thats to a thing, we just used the AP's shwag van and glasses for a few days and we were pretty happy about it!

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