Monday, August 17, 2015

all I can say is's been a gangsta as week! (in the words of my cool companion sister wairepo)

Monday we hung out with our sisters in Lynbrook, Sister Brown (from Fiji) and Sister Rhodes (UT) . Ya we ate fish and chips, ya I eat way too much greasy food. That night we went to the Martin's, this cool Kiwi fam. There are probably 20 people mostly kids there. It reminded me of home. They sang us Mauri songs and fed us the best lamb I 've ever tasted! It was a solid night.

Then Tues we went to district meeting, good. #basics Then we went to the mission office to pick up baby Bennett! She was the only one so we had a nice lunch from Shnitz w/ Pres/Sister Maxwell and all the seniors in the office. Sister Bennett is the sweetest, she's always smiling. I love her, she is from Tahiti. She visa waited in Tahiti for 4 weeks then came here-she speaks French and was only baptised 2 years ago! Missionaries found her and introduced the gospel to she is so excited to share this gospel w/others who need it just as much as she did.

That night we went and had our "E Papa" practice, it's a Mauri stick game. We performed it @ our relief society talent night! I'll try to send video if not it's the picture w/ the stick in our hands.

Wednesday we saw DAVID ARCHULETA!! And Brad Wilcox, they were stellar! Geez we got to sit on the front row right in the middle...#sick. He was within arms reach and he sang and spoke. He is the most adorable person ever! Then he sang Glorious and I nearly died! Brad Wilcox is such a good teacher, he taught about the 12 tribes and gathering of Isreal. It made me even more excited for this work! I really want to learn more about the 12 tribes, it's so interesting.

Friday we taught some new people  people we found either last week or just this week. So whoever has been praying for us to find new people, it worked!  They are so good, prayers really work. Heavenly Father really does want to bless us  Sometimes we just need to have the faith to ask. 

We also went to the temple, the best place on earth  the happiest place on earth, it's the only place we should go when we feel down or confused or lost. It's the place we should go regularly because that is the only place that compares to what life will be like after this...sometimes I just feel so much peace there. There is nothing like it ...nothing that compares to being in the house of the Lord!

The night keeps going...that night we had our minis arrive! We got all 3 all up. Minis are the best. We just take them out w/ us as if they are normal missionaries. We got to use the van (Betty) again, which made it better. Miracles always happen when minis come and we had such a good day. One of mine got sick so I had to take her home but the others were all goods.

Sunday was Sister Wairepo's bday! We made sure to spoil her...haha as much as missionaries can on Sunday. We did like home...woke her up singing happy birthday. It was even better because the minis were there two. Then we went to church...Jhinny gave her farewell and Shanti got confirmed! It was so good. Good day, good night, gr8  week.

Thanks for the prayers, thanks for the love. Love you all.

xxx Sister Hatch

Did you get to meet David A? Ya I made eye contact a few times with him  hahaha I was just right in the very front row. Our mission is pretty formal with this stuff and we couldn't talk to him at all but aye all goods, I feel like I'll see him around Utah or something he is the cutest thing ever.

Tell us about your new companion from Tahiti? Sister Bennet is the sweetest thing ever! She is a recent convert of 2 years and loves the gospel. She loves talking about the Atonement and has a big smile everytime she talks or testifies of it. She is good at English and has a strong testimony. She is so humble and willing to learn! She is a hard worker and is very patient with us :) We don't have as much time to just talk with her because we are so full on busy but she is still doing well! We love our baby. She decided I was dad and Sister Wairepo is mum, all goods. I like being dad. I was dad with Sister Larsen too haha.

How is training going? Training is the literal best thing. I love it so so much. It's definitely different as a ST doing it because like I said there just isn't as much time to take care of them but still works out well. It's my favorite. The best thing about it though is being so busy. I feel like I don't have any time to breathe, also that there are three of us, I love trios
sister bennett, jhinny, sister wairepo 

E Papa practice

sister bennett sister wairepo

the mini's

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