Sunday, April 19, 2015

obedience brings blessings

This week has been really really really busy, we went to Tas and got back in time to do trainings at a couple different zone conferences. It is nothing I could explain with words in the time that I have but the experience we had preparing and giving the training has strengthened my testimony so much. We trained on pouring out your soul to God rather than just saying your prayers. We used the story in Samuel 1 about Hannah pouring out her soul. We based it on a book by Michael S. Wilcox. He talks about the importance of pouring out, pouring out everything, all the bad things, the hard things and the good. Completely emptying your vessel to God in preparation for what He will pour back in. As we completely pour out our soul to God in prayer and empty everything he is able to fill us back up with hope, light and life. I have a testimony of it! One of the missionaries heard our training at one zone conference and then we were giving it at another and he shared his experience with keeping the commitment we left with them to pour out instead of just pray. When he shared his experience he described what it was like in simple words, what I got from it is the heavens opened. I know that God really listens to every word we say and wants to know everything. As we completely empty our vessel in prayer we will be filled with something so much greater than we could ever imagine.

We have had the most amazing week! No sleep but thats okay. I saw countless tender mercies, seeing Hayley and Jerome and Tania Honey and Sister Clark and Kelvin! Going to the city for zone conference and getting to say goodbye to our recent convert in the city Masaru who left for Japan yesterday. SO many blessings I can't even count!

Love my mission, never coming home. Love all of you. Send me mail. xxxxx

Sister Hatch

Excerpts from a letter that came this week-

Life is a roller coaster. One week I am on top of the world and everything is (not exactly easy) but exhilarating, a high that seems impossible to fall down from then the next week I'll be down in a slump as if looking up a huge mountain asking myself if I was ever really at the top or if I just dreamed it. It amazes me how hard the adversary works- and how terribly weak I am. I am starting to learn the pattern- usually when I am having a good week I can look to the future and expect the hard times coming. (this applies in nearly every regular life situation, which is scary) and it happens that way, every time, even if I continue doing all the same things, trials always come.

I've learnt its all a crucial part of the growth process. God is constantly refining us, every time coming out more and more shiny and bright. What a blessing! We have a Father who loves us enough to "cut us down" and "prune us back" so we can reach the potential He has for us.

I love the temple. Things become so much more exciting and meaningful when you understand the reason why. My why for going to the temple is revelation and guidance. I always receive it. President gave a sermon (lol) on obedience, exact obedience brings miracles. I never understood the blessing/obedience thing before my mission. Like I said- I need a solid WHY for the things I do. I didn't understand the why of keeping Gods commandments or even simpler, the why of small rules at school but on a mission the WHY is my love for my Savior. That should be the reason we do everything, not the only reason...but the main one. Thats why I want to be obedient AND I need the blessings and help God promises. I can tell you THE BLESSINGS COME. Not only for missionaries but everyone who does what God asks. Obedience is key and I'm not perfect, no one is but aye...trying my best and it makes all the difference.
Mission Leadership Council

On our way to Tas

A girl standing on the street with her arms open in the city giving free hugs and when people hugged her it was like they knew her for ages. It was so beautiful. It was like an art piece

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