Monday, April 13, 2015


I have been so busy I can't even breathe, the past few weeks have been intense as! We have so many things to worry about and do but it has been the best and I love it. I got to go to my first MLC (mission leader council). I had a massive headache afterwards from all the focusing and thinking. Haha it was good though, I love it.

We have been on a couple of exchanges and they are always the coolest experiences. My one this week I went to our sisters area. We called their district leader ahead to see what they need help with or what goals their leaders have for them so that we can align. He said they are focusing inviting people to be baptised and that they are sending a call out to all the district when you do, a motivational thing, and that he wanted us to focus on finding with the sisters.

I prayed really hard! I really wanted to be able to go out tracting and see miracles with this sister to boost her (and my)  faith and confidence. Nothing is happening in their area at the moment so it was really needed. Anyway we go out finding and nothing happens, nobody listens and this sister was down but I knew that God was preparing people for us!

So so so many small things happened that add to the magnitude of what happened at the end of the day but I'll just save that for a letter one day. Anyway we decided to go to a random street to knock on doors but as we drove we felt we should stay on the road we were (because it reminded me of Launie and miracles happen in Launie) so we stayed. :)

Since I left the city I can't speak Chinese anymore because there are no Chinese people  anywhere! I pray every day that I will find Chinese people that I can talk to and the first door we knocked on was a Chinese guy named Cloudy. hahaha He gave us Chinese milk and asked us to come back and so many other people did as well. Miracles...and then in the last 10 minutes of our finding we met an Indian (India) guy named Sapan. We taught him right there on the doorstep about the infinite atonement of Jesus Christ. We testified of its power and reality and then invited him to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptised, he accepted with excitement! He will be baptised on May 9th :). We got to do a miracle call out and our faith was increased 10000XX!! 

And conference was the bomb tho

xxx Sister Hatch


What other areas besides Tassie do you cover? 
We cover 5 zones, I can't name them all right now, no time.

What is the best thing about Sister Larsen? 
Sister Larsen loves Harry Potter and I love that about her, lol.

Sister Larsen and the beautiful Annette Clark

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