Thursday, April 2, 2015

we got the best news!

Hello!! Its sisters pday today and it was so fun! I tried to upload photos I don't know if they worked, we are in the mission office and the computers are slow and nearly crash when I try to upload heaps. Sorry! My first week as a sister training leader was a hard one! In a good way for sure. We have so many responsibilities in addition to normal crazy missionary work. I never have time to think and I haven't ever been more tired but I haven't been happier either. I love it and we got the BEST news!!!!!!! I think that God really loves me because I got to serve in the city last transfer and that made my dreams come true. I got taken out which shattered me but he made up for it!! We found out that WE ARE SISTER TRAINING LEADERS FOR THE TASMANIA SISTERS. Do you know what that means??? I get to fly down there twice a transfer and go on exchanges with them!!!! (including Sister Plante) I'm so stoked! I get to go back and see my family!! We are planning to go next week I think.

It's really cool to be a leader in the mission, we have so many privileges, I'm honored that president trusts me, but yes it is great. Very hard but still great, I love it.

I was so sad I was leaving the city right before Pedro got baptised but I asked president to go to his baptism and we got to go on Saturday!! Pedro was so stoked for it and was glowing afterwards. The gospel changes lives! I am so happy to be part of this work, its the besssssst, its fantastic! Me and Sister Larsen get along like a house on fire. She's awesome and I love her! She is from Highland Utah, her dad is a professor at BYU and its like she came from a Great Gatsby movie.

We have a car. There are so many islanders in our ward which means BIG island feeds which means weight gain which means Shaun T every morning, ya I got insanity from another sister and we have been doing it, its the best. My body hurts.

There are 8 missionaries in our ward in all. Us, AP's, ZL's and another set, its gooood.

And we did sisters pday with the whole mission (sisters) today! We learned Maori dances and Samoan and Fijian dances! Its the best, I love being on a mission!!! I love you and hope you are having fun in Europe! Please get me some good Souveniers!!

 Easter package

Pedro baptism

Sister Bennett MTC comp

Our family photo!! All of my daughters, aren't they adorable?

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