Tuesday, November 17, 2015

this week i had my last mlc

Kiora ta lofa

This week I had my last MLC so that was pretty sad, na it was good, but still sad, but good. It has been hot and cold this week, rainy and sunny, the weather is crazy! The work is going well, we started teaching a part member Maori family!

It was primary presentation Sunday. I wish I had photos of all the fails. The Pese family (Tongan) wore all white w/ the mats and leis etc. So [retty . We are doing really well, I love Siter Leota, she's 10/10! A+ companion.

President told us today that we will be getting another comp! Probs only for a bit but thats the haps in Tarneit!  

Love yous all xxx   


Sister Hatch   
all blacks won last week

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  1. Sister Hatch when are you coming back to tasmania to see us we miss you. Love sister Blackwell