Sunday, November 1, 2015

it's been a week full of junk food and driving 

Kia ora!

It's been a week full of junk food and driving. Full of missionary work and miracles as well.
We are on the west side of Melbourne and cover all the STL's this way. 1/2 of them live out bush- legit bush like 6 hours away in New South Wales! So I've now been to both Victoria and New South Wales.

We went on exchanges in Griffith and then down to Benalla. It's different work out there as it is much slower than here in the city areas but it reminds me so much of home. I didn't realise how bush Taylor AZ really was until now. There were big fields and livestock etc and the biggest difference was the people. Everyone was so nice everywhere, always smiling and said hello, it was my favorite part. Griffith is famous for their oranges, we unfortunately didn't get any but will in a couple weeks. I'll let you know how that goes. 

Benalla sisters do volunteer work at a primary school. This school has a legit garden that the kids tend to for a class period. We got to help! Chickens were laying eggs...were we planting raspberries, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. It made me want to be a teacher for half a second. But watch out I'll be gardening when I get home.

We had president interviews on the east side (got to go home) because we missed ours when we were in the bush. President interviews are the best! President is the best. We got to stay w/ east STL's so I got to see Sis Wairepo! I love her.

Church this week was nearly empty because of the world cup. All blacks won so most people in our ward were pretty happy. They are all from NZ or islands. Most people mentioned it in their testimonies, it was the best. 

We had a good week. I still love being a missionary. I love Australia and I love all of you.

aro ha nui
ka kite
Sister Hatch

we had to break into the sisters flat and found that on the bathroom window inside. haha nearly died

this is our gps when we were in the BUSH, the red is where we were located

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