Tuesday, November 17, 2015

it honestly just doesn't feel like i'm leaving soon

Thank you so much for the package, it was perfect!! Thank you heaps and for the letter and support. It honestly just doesn't feel like I'm leaving soon. Not at all. People ask me about it 101 times a day and it just feels like words coming out of my mouth...not like events that will be happening in the future. I think that I feel all goods about it because I get to stay a bit longer than the rest. Sister Bennetts mum is coming, I might go with them for a day. Pres said he might move me for the last few days after the transfer but not too sure what he'll do. He wants me to train a new missionary but ...its only for a week...haha but all good, whatever he wants. We'll find out in a couple of weeks. Not thinking about it though!

Sister Santos is with us now...Pres wants to move her (for our convenience) ?? but we love having her so we asked him if she could stay! He still isn't too sure but she'll at least be with us the next few days still. Both her parents have passed away along with a sister...and she is a convert and her family isn't too supportive. I am so lucky to have you all! Thank you for all you do. 

The cruise looks so fun, glad yous get to enjoy yourselves! Haha you deserve it. All the kids here are so good, so respectful, especially in Island families so thats my expectation when I get home. I hope to teach the kids and we'll get them in shape the little rats! Anyway love you all heaps, thanks for everything.

Sister Hatch
happy birthday sister faiga

at the library with some of us

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