Monday, November 30, 2015


Sorry bout it. I can't believe its come so quick. President called and told me what I would be doing my last week and it is SO COOl. Really. I don't know why Heavenly Father helps me out so much but like...

So president doubled STL (sister training leaders) out of Dande, Sister Wairepo is going to Tas with Gilbert and Sister Plante and Almond are doubling into Dande and he has asked me to help them out with the area and sisters becauseI know it!!! I get to die in Dande!!!!!! Back home again!!! And there is MLC on Friday so Sister Wairepo and Gilbert will just be staying right through the whole week and then going to Hayley and Romes sealing because Gibby was with me for a bit after they were baptised and man. I GET TO GO BACK TO SERVE IN THE CITY FOR A DAY. This means I get to see my recent converts in the city again before I go which I didn't think I would!! Heavenly Father is the best! President Maxwell is the best!!! AND Sister Wairepo and Gibby will be staying with those sisters SO I WILL BE WITH THEM TOO. I get to spend my last week with almost every best friend I have here and see every single person that I love. AND this week I got to go to the temple and saw heaps of peeps from Tas that came up for the temple trip just for one day!!! What?? Man so many blessings. AND get to see Hayley and Rome sealed. Like I'm buzzing.

Down side I slightly broke my finger. BUT MAN. I'm just so happy. I am so beyond happy. 

So ya I'll see you soon, love you heaps.



What is the strongest emotion you are feeling this last week of your mission?
Ummmm stoked-ness, because I get to do so many cool things in the work this last week that president called me about yesterday!

Of all the gospel principles which do you feel you learned the most about on your mission? Is there any you feel surprised about what you have learned?
Atonement, Jesus Christ. Surprised about how much I learnt about heaps of stuff but mostly about the light of Christ and the true nature of God. Its so much more beautiful and uncomprehendably hopeful than I ever imagined.

What 3 things from your mission do you plan to continue to do everyday?
Morning and evening schedule (6:30 and 10:30 sleep), studies everyday, planning (time and money management)

Will you be flying home all alone?
Ya all alone, there'll be no one there beside me.

Explain how you feel about being able to attend Jerome and Hayley's sealing. 
We watched a video (mormon message, I love those) with Elder Dudfield (70) who came for stake conference weekend and it was of a girl on her way to the temple. It showed her baptism and getting her recommend and then when she got to the temple it showed people out front getting married and missionaries walking out of the temple with their recent converts and a family all in white going to be sealed. I cannot describe the feeling of joy/ excitement that I had then and have now! Its like trying to describe the taste of salt to someone who has never felt it...or even someone who has...its just something that you need to experience to understand. It is like soaring. It feels like eternity...Heavenly Father says that we cannot experience a portion of the joy here that we will in the eternities with our celestial I guess the feeling is a sense of excitement for when that day comes..and for all the steps that lead up to it. When we put ourselves in situations for Heavenly Father to speak to us the Holy Ghost touches our eternal soul and gives us a beautiful glimmer of eternity. Most people have felt it...but the world does really well to help us forget..but I know that we can feel it all the time! When we go to church, when we read scriptures...its simply beautiful and beautifully simple. I cannot wait to see their families glimmer of eternity.

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