Monday, August 25, 2014

8.24.14 my FIRST baptism

Transfer Week!!

We got the the call and....I'll be staying in Launie with Sister Stewart!! We were really relieved when we got the call on Saturday night. We are so happy that we get to stay and see H and J get married and baptized!! It is such a blessing and will be a great transfer! We got to talk to president on Monday and he asked us about if we wanted to stay (individually) and we both said we did. He is really caring and considerate and knew that me and her got along. But I'm excited to be staying, I love Launceston and the people and I'm excited for the next 6 weeks.

Mom I'm glad you liked Brother Rasmussens notes and things, share it! It was inspiring. It is cool learning about the atonement and understanding it better. Christ can heal us and change our hearts.

And the best news of the week, we had my FIRST baptism!! PH. He is an older man and his wife was less active for the last 10 years, she started coming back and he took the lessons when I got here and was baptized the last day of the transfer. It was the ultimate miracle! It was really good, everything went smooth an I loved it! Now we get to prepare for H and J's big day on the 20th of Sept. Dang its almost September can you believe it?! 

Well Tasmania is beautiful, we have had the best weather ever! It was 14 degrees (57 degrees farenheit) average the last few days, yesterday was stormy but its such a contrast from Melbourne where its gloomy and rainy all the time.
Green house in Launie

They are putting missionaries in Deloraine (after closing it for just one transfer because members in Del wanted them back) so we won't be covering that area anymore :( we won't be going to J's every Wednesday anymore :( but thats okay we have stake conference in a fortnight (2 weeks) and we will go stay with her on a pday or something. 

Okay sorry this email was bad! haha Thank you for everything though, please tell people to send me letters and EMAILS please!!

Love you all.

Sister Hatch

These pictures and captions are courtesy of AC, a great member in Launceton
"A birthday card for a special lady with these two gorgeous Missionary Sisters"

"I love doing this"
"GINGER BEER...this could be her new favorite drink"
"Check out who has been taking selfies on my camera"

Birthday card for Sister Maxwell

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