Friday, August 22, 2014

memories to last a lifetime

This week was way good! I loved it. We had district pday on Monday and went to the gorge (a place in Launie with water and hiking and what not) and did some fun stuff there. Then we had zone conference, my first one ever! It was really good, we had it in Launceston chapel so it was right around the corner. President and Sister Maxwell (Neal A. Maxwell's son) came down with the assistants. It was full of really good trainings and the spirit. It was fun seeing all of the missionaries from down south too! (Hobart) Then we had to say goodbye to 2 elders, one went back to Utah and is friends with Ethan! Crazy huh, and he brought some stuff back to Utah for me that is for you guys! Anyway it was sad seeing missionaries go home, its so weird.
The zone leaders did the training on "the golden hours" to find and teach people. Then gave us ice cream bars called "golden gaytime" haha.
On Friday we went to Devonport for a stake youth activity, they wanted the missionaries to help out so we did. We went and it was a cultural night celebrating Japanese and Australian culture. There was sumo wrestling and drums and heaps of games. We didn't have to wear pros clothes so it was even better! It has been the funnest thing on my mission so far, I've never laughed so hard! It was way good and I got to see all the members from Deloraine! It was the best! But then we didn't get home until 12! Ya missionaries gettin home at midnight. It was crazy, our GPS took us to this crazy backroad and we didn't even leave until 10 anyway. It was crazy, haha but way fun though. Only bad part was that I've been soooo tired the rest of the week.

So this week I will finally have my first baptism! PH is getting baptized on Saturday! We are so excited, we started teaching him at the beginning of the transfer and he's getting baptized the last week on it! Miracles. He is married to a less active lady who wants to come back and they want to eventually go to the temple. Anyway, I'll send pictures about that next week. Hope it goes well.

Yesterday was so so so fun, we got to fly up to Melbourne with all the Hobart sisters and have a sisters pday with all the sisters in the mission! It was so fun, that never happens too so we were lucky that Tas got to go. We tie dyed and played games and sang and what not. I finally got to meet all the sisters in the mission and see Sister B and Sister B! It was good! It's sad though because SO many sisters are leaving this transfer and next. It's crazy. Sister R is leaving this time (Sunday) and I'm so sad! Ah its the worst saying bye to people.
 Sister R last day :(

Sister K and Sister B yesterday! Reunited with Tassie girls who aren't in Tas anymore  haha

Sister B!!!

Melbourne Temple! (right by the mission office)

This is on the way to the airport today, President was so kind and sat in the back even though he is the tallest one! He is SO SWEET, haha assistants were driving!

They couldn't get a flight back to Launie yesterday for us so we got to stay with President and Sister Maxwell!!. I love staying at the mission home, I'm lucky I've been able to stay there a couple times, a lot of missionaries don't get that! It was fun talking with President and Sister Maxwell more since we don't see the very often. President is outstanding! He is so sweet and takes time out of his crazy busy schedule to talk with us. I just love him so much! We talked about transfers and he literally asked me if I wanted to stay in Launie or go. Of course I said I wanted to stay! I don't know what will happen, we will see on Saturday!

Well we just flew in to Launie and we have a couple appointments with some people in a few so I gotta go soon!

The weather in Melbourne was a dreary and rainy and cold and then beget down here to Tas and it is beautiful and sunny. We are so lucky to be here!! I love it. Wellll I'm gonna go, I'll be with J tomorrow for lunch.

Love you so much!

PS Please tell everyone to send me LETTERS PLEASE!!

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