Monday, August 4, 2014

8.13.14 miracle week!

Its been a great week in Launceston!! CRACKING (as Elder H would say) He's from England so. This week was full of miracles!! We fasted last week with the mission and then this week and we've seen the blessings from it. God promises the blessings so if we fast we are guaranteed help! Its the coolest promise.
 Well we were able to go to Deloraine the beautiful land of the coolest people! We love it there. Del city is my home, its where i was born! I love it. And we had lunch with J! We love J so much shes like our mom and her food is awesome! The view from her house is soooo nice and it was beautiful. The storm cleared out justlong enough for us to take a picture to send to you mom! I was so happy that you answered the iMessage! (from J)
   Later that day we went and visited some investigators named C (mom) and J(daughter) and committed them to baptism! We hope that they will follow through on Aug 23 it would be awesome. And we got to do our first "call out" to the Tasmania Zone! Got to record a message and the ZLs sent it to all the missionaries in Tas about our miracle! It was fun.
    That night we drove back to Launie and had dinner and a lesson with our investigators H and J and members R and D P. They are all the best people ever! They are so cool. J writes down all his cool spiritual moments and answers to prayers and he shared the coolest experiecnes this week that he had. It is so awesoem seeing him and H grow so much together. They are so happy
    Thursday the weather was CRAZY. Like there was so so so much rain and the wind was so bad! It was like a hurricane outside. Honeslty i thought about it and it probably wasnt any worse than wind in Snowflake in the spring. Snowflake is crazy! But the funiest thing was that everybody was saying that the wind messes with your mind. The high pitch sounds and gusts and everything like does something to your brain that makes you go crazy! They say that teachers hate windy days because it makes the kids all hyper and crazy. Guess it makes sense why all the teachers in snowflake hate teaching. And the Tamar River was so high it almost overfilled over the bridge in the city. It was crazy! There were like lakes because the river was so overfilled.
    Friday Sister S got her plaster (cast) off! After 6 weeks. But they said its still broken??? ok. And it is we saw the xray. They just gave her a brace and said to exercise it. Haha shes in pain constantly and cant sleep because of it but its fine. Australian doctors are insane, most of them arent even Australian they are from the random. That night we had tea (dinner) with the Says and the elders! It was so good because they made mexican food and it actually tasted pretty good! i loved it.
    The next day was the day of a cool miracle! We stayed in and planned and what not in the morning and went tracting for like 30 minutes. We had M (recent convert) with us and came to this house with Butanes family. They all welcomed us and hugged us and invited us back, got 5 new investigators right there! Then the little 12 year old girl took us to her friends and families house because we asked if they knew anyone else who needed help. What?! That never happens. She was so sweet and we are going back to teach the people she reffered us to. So we got 6 new investigators in 30 minutes! It was a huge miracle.
 Sunday was the best day ever! Another miracle. Sunday mornings we see H and J with R and D. We shared "Pattern of Light" videos by David A. Bednar ( go watch them) and they loved them. J shared even more cool answered prayers he had throughout the week and shared a scripture he liked from d&C 6:14-16. He said that this made it real for him. OH MY GOSH THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Like these people read scriptures every night together and pray together and have personal study and prayer AND write down every spiritual prompting and everything they get. Its so cool to see all the blessings that are coming to them through the gospel.
    BUT wait theres more. It was fast and testimony meeting right? So all the testimonies are like.... But then its quiet for a minute. THEN WE SEE J GETTING UP. Yes J the INVESTIGATOR. And he got up and was like fighting back tears and bore the most beautiful testimony ive heard and was so sincere and i could just see the light in his eyes. This gospel is real people, it changes lives! Let it change yours. But wow it was amazing, and we were thinking that wow J and H are probably better than most members with their reading and praying and everything. But it was just the coolest week! We love hayley and jerome so much! And they have the sweetest little boys. J is Philipino fyi. I have a pic of them with thei little one M at church yesterday. M reminds me a little bit of Dalton! Just not as loud haha. He is so sweet.
 So here are just a few random things.
We have hot milo at almost every house we go to during the day because its so freezing outside and aussies dont believe in heat (because its SO EXY) expensive. and im addicted to it now!
Here is a picture of a "postie" (post/mail man.) Thats what they all look like here in Australia its hilarious!

Here is a picture of mascara. is $20!! what the heck! australia is so expensive ughhhh.
our flat is right in the middle of launceston city. Its beautiful! i will send a picture next week!

Its an Aussie saying haha and its so funny.
I hope your summer is awesome!!! i love you all so much!!!!!
Love from beautiful Tassie
Sister Hatch

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