Sunday, August 10, 2014

8.10.14 tasmania love

DANG JORDAN LOOKS FINE! Good job this year (on school shopping), he's looking mighty fresh, and so do the rest of my cute siblings!!! I love you guys! Sorry this email will not be that good, I didn't write notes like I usually do. It's been quite the week. Good and bad!

Well Tuesday was a day of a miracle and also the worst thing ever. Tuesday was our district meeting day in Deloraine. Me and Sister S have a car but the elders in Launie don't so we have to drive them. So we were all in driving to Deloraine in the morning and we drive up on this car that looks like a missionary car! There were three heads in it (3 because Elder H is leaving in the middle of the transfer and they were training Elder C as zone leader) and I was stoked because they never come to our district meetings unless its something special and we usually know when they will be there. But they came and it was so good. Its something about zone leaders that makes the meetings so much better. 

Faith is all we need and then if we do our best and try our hardest the Lord will be there to lift us up the rest of the way.

Okay later that day we had a horrible experience. We called a member couple the night before and made an appointment and went out to see them after DM. We got there and everything was okay but Sister S felt a little weird I guess so I was just talking to this lady and then she started to go off about America and how Australia is so much better and all this and we were over here like...we don't care and she started getting really mad at Sister S and yelling and saying all these horrible things. This is at a members house!!! We got up to leave and she kept going and started crying. The Sister S said sorry and asked to leave and we couldn't and she just went off her rocker and said horrible things and abused us (verbally) and it was horrible. Wow it was so scary!! I was so scared and it was just horrible, I was shaken up for a couple of days. But it was okay like I'm okay now! So ya crazy day. We went to JL house and I slept because I was so stressed and idk we just took a break and that night got ice cream and pudding (like brownies or cake) and relaxed. It was horrible! President and Sister Maxwell helped a lot though.

The rest of the week was town off by that but we still saw so many miracles and it was amazing to see the Atonement working. We studied the atonement a lot this week because Sister S is doing a 5 minute training at zone conference tomorrow. I helped her as much as I could and we were able to come up with a good training, she'll do good. But the Atonement is amazing, it is there for all of us at every time in our lives no matter what, it's there to lift us.

Sorry nothing too inspirational this email but I sent a couple of my favorite things to study in the mail just now so you should get them soon. well I love you so much and I'll talk to you next week!!!

PS We have sisters pday on Aug 19 in Melbourne! We get to fly up and stay in the mission home! We are so excited. Hopefully we can email Monday but no promises, we will be traveling a lot!


Love Sister Hatch

Pictures from Tamar Island

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