Tuesday, September 2, 2014

8.31.14 what week isn't good here in TASMANIA??


This week as been a good one but what week isn't good here in TASMANIA??

We got to make a massive card/book for Sister Maxwell for her birthday. We had fun going to Sister C's to do that, she's the scrapbooking queen. Then Elder R and L came to fix our shower head that has been broken for the whole transfer! It just trickled but now we have a proper shower so its been nice. Our flat is pretty old and falling apart but it's home and we love it :)

Monday nights we have FHE at our ward mission leaders home, he's awesome! It's C and L W. They are really missionary minded and have helped us out so much. We have all the recent converts and others come to it every week and it's really good. Who is the WML at home?

Tuesday we went finding in Mowbray. We GQ-ed (street contact) so many awesome people and met a girl called N who is looking really promising. We need new investigators because all the others are getting baptized and we won't have anyone to teach! We always need more people to teach. But it's fun and we know people are being prepared for the gospel and we will find them! We also got to visit our amazing investigator H and do a bit of service for her. We love her and J her fiancé. :)

Tuesday we picked up the Deloraine Elders from the airport at 9:45 pm!! Then we had to drive them in to Deloraine (hour drive) so we just stayed the night at J's which I was completely fine with. The bed was so comfy, I haven't had such a good sleep my whole mission. And we woke up and got amazing omelets!! Love her, we get to go to Del about 5 times this week for stake conference and all that jazz. And president interviews on Saturday too, I'm excited.

So its the end of the month and every missionary runs out of money by this time and thats what happened to us. We have no money! Haha that means no food or fun. We luckily have the best ward ever and get fed every night and some lunch but we were at tea and complaining about no food, joking, and we went to a baptism and didn't think anything of it, but the next day the family called us (T family) and said they had groceries for us!! We get taken care of by the Lord through his awesome members. We are blessed, we were so happy and couldn't believe it. That has happened so many times since I've been out, it just shows the tender mercies of the Lord every single day.

Thursday Elder R (district leader) was supposed to be getting a golden (new missionary) to train and he never came! I guess they wouldn't let him leave the MTC because he couldn't speak English, poor guy is with the Burnie elders for the transfer and doesn't get to train as of now, but he also took his GPS back that we have been using but luckily I have a lovely mission mom (Sis B) who sent down a different GPS with the Del elders. Her name is Stacey!! haha

Friday was so good! We visited an 88 yr old man called Grandpa Jack! (on FB he has a page called snr jack prebble) look it up and like it!! He is the sweetest man ever and a convert. Most of the people here are converts, its really cool. But he goes to all 6 hours of church every Sunday and serves everyone, he even gave us a huge tin of Milo and milk and all these things. He is always serving people. And we went to see him and he told us his conversion story and the spirit was so sweet and strong in him. I had tears in my eyes the entire time. I just love him so much! I will take a picture with him this week and send it, he is our grandpa here :)

And have I told you about my obsession with the new peanut butter tim tams??? because its real and its bad. I LOVE them so I tell Sis S to not let me buy them because I am actually addicted. I have a tim tam slam. Where you bite two opposite corners of the tim tam and suck up hot Milo through it, then the tim tam melts and gets soft and is probably the best thing on the earth no lie! Thats probably all that will be in my suitcase when I come home.

Sunday was so great too, we got to enjoy the beauty of Tas. Spring is coming, actually today is the first day of spring. The roses are out and so many bright colors everywhere and its all contrasted with the huge green fields. Its beautiful here!! I love it@! I'll send some pictures of it when I get some!

Also Just a weird Aussie thing, the locks on their doors are locked with a key from the inside and the out. It's so weird!! They have to unlock the door with a key to get OUT. I don't know but I think its pretty dangerous, I mean whatever Australia. :)

Thats my bit for the week, I hope everything is good at home. Jealous of the cabin you guys, I miss it there! I love the pictures and the emails and everything you guys are THE BEST! I tell everyone.

Love you heaps :) Tell everyone to send eamils and write to me bc...I need mail :)

Love from Tas
Sister Hatch

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