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9.7.14 platypus in the wild

Hey fam,
This week has been a great one! Monday we had district pday and were ably to spend it in Launceston with everybody. We had so much fun going to museums and to the park to see the monkeys. We also went to Airtime which is just a version of Jumpstreet, just not as cool! we had a lot of fun though, I loved it.

We planned a little bit of J and H's baptism and wedding stuff for the 20th. We are so stoked for them!! Have any ideas on how to make this baptism/wedding awesome?! Any song suggestions or anything would be great.

We started teaching a really solid lady named N this week. She was a referral from  little girl that we met on the street, miracle! Anyway we went around and talked to her about things and she was asking so many questions and insight that were profound! She is really keen to learn more and we are going back on Friday. We are soooo excited about her especially because our teaching pools so small these days, everybody has been baptized. So starting over is hard but we are off to a good start with her.

On Friday we got to visit the famous grandpa Jack Prebble (did you like his page on fb yet?). He is the greatest man alive! At least in Australia, he is so sweet and willing to serve everyone even though he's 88 years old. We did service for him. I cleaned his dirty kitchen and organized his cupboards and I don't think I have ever seen him so happy! He gave me a really cute necklace haha he's so sweet! he's a special one! 

And then we get to the best weekend of my mission! We got to go to Deloraine that night so we picked up the elders and drove in at 5:00. They had a choir fest there and asked us to be the ushers (all the missionaries in north Tas) and so we all went and listened to some good singing and I got to see all my favorite Deloraine people! I love seeing everyone. L was there too, I think I've mentioned her before. she is EG's friend from South Africa and is the most beautiful person. I love her! We all stayed in Deloraine that night because we had president interviews the next day in Deloraine and didn't want to drive. (we stayed at J's)

So there are elders in Del flat (where I used to live) and the Launie elders stayed with them, well ALL the elders stayed with them so there were 7 of them in one flat. Haha but that night we made a joke saying that me and Sister S were staying there with all of them. All the elders were going along with it to trick Elder D from the Philippines. We told him it was fine and that we got permission from the president and everything. You should have seen his face, it was hilarious. He avoided us the whole night. haha and we took the elders to the flat and acted like we were join in but obviously didn't. It was way fun, we love the elders in our district they are all so good! But it was soooo funny. Then we just went to J's and had a nice tea (at 10pm) and then the next day was interviews and stake conference.

We got up and looked at the phone and had a call out from President and Sister Maxwell saying that the area president over the pacific area said that elders and sisters can't ride in the same car together! What! That means that we can't drive them anywhere anymore and they have bikes so it causes so many problems. Haha dang it! Oh well they will have to figure it out. But we go to interviews, I'd had a few things on my mind for awhile and I was able to talk to president about all of it and he helped me so much. He showed so much love and assured me that it was okay. He gave me a blessing, that interview helped me so much. Something special he did this time was asked me to teach him (role play Mr Brown) the first principle. And that is a bit daunting but I did it and it was so spiritual and went really well. It was so cool! He loved it. I mean he really felt the spirit and loved the way I taught. It made me feel so much better! It's nerve racking thing ya know but it went well. I love President and Sister Maxwell. I know they are here at this time for a reason! I don't know what I would do without them.

We were at the chapel all day! So interview in the morning and then we were invited to the priesthood session of stake conference so we went. It was so weird! It was missionary oriented so that is why we went. It was good though, so that was at 3 and then we went on a walk when that was over and the coolest thing happened. I always hear about platypuses and people say that they are almost impossible to see in the wild. So we walked down to the Del river (my stomping ground!) and SAW A PLATYPUS IN THE WILD! What! It was so cool they actually exist! And then talked to this lady about the church for ages, she was so keen to learn more but her husband wasn't and wouldn't let us get a number. That was a bummer but her seed was planted! 

That night in stake conference President and Sister Maxwell spoke and did so well!!! They have a knack for speaking and bringing the spirit so strong, they are such inspiring people. Then we went back to J's for a sleep!

Sunday was the last session but it was in Devonport. We went and it was really good and then there was still 30 minutes left over! We all got nervous because we were sure he was going to all up all the missionaries to speak. Luckily he didn't but called up 5 random people to bare testimony and President Maxwell as well!! Haha it was crazy. The stake president,  President Walters is only 30! This was his first stake conference but he did well.

Then we went to lunch with some members and then with the Launie elders to Devonport beach! Wow it was beautiful. I love it there. Devonport is right on the coast and I have some killer pictures of it!! There was a cute lighthouse and so many starfish! We caught them and put them on our arms. Haha it was such a fun day! The best weekend ever!!!

The boat that takes people from Tas to the mainland and beautiful Deloraine
Well I know the church is true, wouldn't still be here if it wasn't and I love being on a mission, everyone needs to go. Thats all.

Sending love from Tas,
Sister Hatch

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