Monday, September 15, 2014

9.14.14 miracle mowbray!

This week has been full of miracles! Let me tell ya, the Lord is ready for the people of Luanie to hear the gospel. We went finding a lot this week as we didn't have many investigators, and we found so many amazing people! We mostly GQ'd (street contact) in Mowbray (miracle Mowbray) and found a lot of cool people that way. We met a Korean guy named Yoo. Haha its so funny because it gets confusing to say his name to people because they think you're saying "you" and its just confusing but he is good! He's been here for two weeks and is staying for 3 years and learning english. So did I say that we teach english classes! (never taught an english class in our livessss) So he was really keen and we met the next day and UTas (university in Mowbray). We called the elders to come with us to help a bit because they are chinese speaking and have to teach english sometimes and thought they could help. Well they got there a bit before and got in trouble with security! They kicked them off campus and said that if they come back they will call the police, uhhhh we felt so bad! Haha I guess its happened before to them but never like that, the poor guys have had such a hard week, they got in trouble at the mall too. Its an outdoor mail and they would go GQing there but city council said they can't anymore. It's so sad! Haha they are so good about it though, no complaining or anything. Something amazing must be around the corner for them.

So english class went well, Sister S is a genius at it and taught most of the english, I taught the GOSPEL. He is pretty good at english but explaining to someone that doesn't understand a lot is a challenge! It helped me teach simply though so it was good and he liked it. He is 21 and really easy going and I think that he will go far! We are excited. He also came to church! Best Sunday ever.

Late that day we went GQing and brought M with us. She is awesome and we love her! She is already preparing for a mission at 16 and she's good at it too. We love to take her with us. Well we were done and going to our tea date and before we got to the car we talked to two islander men. They were both keen to learn more and were familiar with missionaries. We asked them to come to church too and they came for all 3 hours!! It was so awesome, they were all participating in the class we teach as well. We were able to have 5 investigators at church which never happens! It was an amazing week.

Okay now the best part, J and H are being baptized on SATURDAY!! We are sooooo excited! They will be married at 3:00 at the gorge and then straight to the chapel to be baptized at 4. We printed beautiful invites for them and it took us 2.5 hours but we were happy with them. Those two are just amazing, they are so strong in their testimonies, if you didn't know better you would easily think they are already members. Ah they are so great!! I'll send a video of them soon.

Well I don't know what else to say other than God is great! Nothing happens without him, he is the leader of this work. We are just the instruments in His hands. I think thats what I've tried to focus on this week. Knowing that I don't have all the skills and abilities of more experienced missionaries but that I have the Lord on my side and he is going to help me! He is always there and will always put you in the right place at the right time saying the right thing, it's so true and the miracle of this work. As long as we are obedient God is bound, He always keeps his promises to help us. I know its true and I know that this gospel is true. It's all we need.

Have the best week ever, send me emails and letters because our mailbox is pretty empty! 

Sending love from Tassie :)
Sister Hatch

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