Wednesday, October 8, 2014

9.28.14 zoodoo pday 

I'm at the Roberts house as we just got back from Zoodoo (wildlife park) down here in Hobart. We are emailing here and I'm on the TV emailing!! Haha its cool, but I won't be printing the email.

In the first chapter go PMG it talks about how we are successful missionaries if we are doing all the things we are supposed to, if we are keeping the commandments and covenants and reading the scriptures and trying to be better every day, that is ALL we need to be doing to know that we are good enough. If we are doing those things we can know without a doubt that God is proud of us and loves us.

Have you watched the Mormon message about the current bush? Its based on the talk by D. Todd Christofferson. Please watch it! It's so good. If we remember, Christ taught by example, everyone should be working to become like Him and everywhere he went he was the same person. He was a good example and people change because of it! That is what what we need to do. We can either think bad about what others are doing or we can be the example "come unto Me" love it. Just be an example to them to guide them in the right direction. Live your life the way Christ would and others will follow.

We get the general meeting one week later here. The general women's meeting is going to broadcast in Australia this Sunday and General Conference next Sunday one week later.

Hahaha you changed your Siri to Australian, thats hilarioussss. Thats what I hear all day every day!!! Lucky me hey. We have UYC this week and me and Sister Stewart get to speak on Friday to them! (ALL the youth in Tasmania) and we are excited. President and Sister Maxwell will be speaking in the same meeting! We are excited. Wish me luck. Pray for us. We haven't prepared them yet. ahaha And transfers! Pray for me and that as well!! I want to stay! Love you,

Sister Hatch

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