Monday, October 27, 2014

10.26.14 i wouldn't want to be anywhere else 

dear home  

launceston is the best area in the whole world let's just say that we had ANOTHER amazing week. we had yoo and georgia at fhe at the wheelers on monday. that was awesome.

tuesday we got to see the zl's elder sargeant and cavanaugh... they are the best! elder sargeant lived in the this flat – it was the first place he came almost 2 years ago… crazy. p.s. we have only seen one spider here and it was small...we've been pretty lucky i'd say for being in australia w/ the deadliest animals/creatures in the world. then we slept that night. our mattresses are THE WORST but i pray to sleep good and i'm usually alright.

wednesday we went to del city! (deloraine) for district meeting. we finally got to meet the other missionaries! did I tell you we have to have district meeting on the phone now because of k's (car miles) and stuff? so actually being with the other missionaries was good. they are all pretty cool. i taught them my hand signs for how to begin teaching points from chapter 10 of pmg. hand signs make memorizing easy. :)

then of course i took sister g to the raspberry farm. we got some yummy smoothies and French toast. I love that place the most. its $$$ so now I have no money for the rest if the month so that's fun. oh I hit 5 months, is that weird or is that weird? do you miss me? if you are reading this you better miss me! and WRITE ME! and SEND ME GOODIES :) if you write a letter I will send you one back ...ready set go. 

we got to go on exchanges this week w/ the stl's (sister training leaders) sister bennion and chan, the chinese speaking sisters from hobart. we met halfway and swapped. i had sister chan with me. she is from taiwan and is short. we have a korean investigator and she speaks a little korean so she taught him. it was good. we were so busy that day. we saw almost all out investigators (like 1,000). it was cool though, I love teaching them!

we taught maddi (recent convert) that night as well. it was about helaman 5:12 and the atonement and sacrament.  i just think it is so cool how every single time i teach those things i learn something new through christ through the extra strength and knowledge beyond my own. my advice to you all, learn more about the atonement of jesus christ. study it, apply it, experiment with it. as you do these things you will experience it, and then you will understand it. then your testimony will be unshakable. the atonement is everything! it's redeeming but also strengthening and enabling. USE it. also, just love our savior. love him with all you are. a wise old man (grandpa jack) once told me that the most important thing we can do to live the gospel is to love our savior. so love him! pray to love him and feel of his love. It will change your life.
                                  the gospel is amazing. ok. 

we asked hayley and rome if they would teach us the plan of salvation and they said yes! so they had a few days to prepare and they taught it sunday. they are so cool. so we went and rachael and dale came as well. then they taught it! and didn't hardly look at the pamphlet or anything. they bore the most beautiful testimonies at the end. it strengthened mine so much knowing how much hope this plan has given them and the happiness and peace it has brought to them. the gospel is real. that was the best experience ever! they are just ... amazing. 

we also have been teaching georgia our miracle golden investigator preparing her for her baptism on SATURDAY WHAT?! she was so beyond prepared. it's been awesome teaching her. she understands everything so well and lives what we teach her. she has all these things on pinterest helping her study the b of m. it's just, i mean like total miracle. GOD IS GREAT!

so just if any of yous were wondering, we wake up @6:15 then snooze the alarm then wake up for real @6:30. then pray then go outside and RUN. yes i run. then do some exercise and then shower. then eat and then at 8:00 am studies. then 9:00 am comp studies, role plays etc. then 10:00 am golden study. then 8:00 @ night active member lesson (as requested by elder ballard) then 9:00 pm home/plan. 10:30pm pray and then  sleep.
 i'm always tired. and stressed but it's good, it's like adrenaline stress so it's fine. #missionarylife

i wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here. especially australia. my mission is the best! 
also i love sis gilbert, we get along like a house on fire. :) 

love you all
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love sister hatch

selfie with grandpa jack

awesome sister g


our investigator tess


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