Thursday, October 9, 2014

10.9.14 i'm gonna be a momma!! :)

Dear Mom, Dad, family and everyone else.

This week was just awesomeeeee. We had UYC (just like EFY in America but 100 times smaller) with all the youth in Tasmania. There were about 120 of them, it was really fun. We were invited because they had non members there the whole time. We didn't get to talk to all of them but had a good experience anyway. We helped out mostly in the kitchen and that, makin food chopping potatoes and what not. We were in competition with Elder Campbell and Chen and we won! Lisa Woodward bought us massive chocolate bars for it, bless her. We also made sushi! Haha but no it was fun. It went from Wednesday to Saturday. On Friday we were asked to speak at the young women session. President Maxwell came down and spoke with the elders in the young mens session and then we spoke with Sister Maxwell. It was really good! Talks went well and Sister Maxwells was so good as always. They also had missionaries from Tasmania send videos answering questions and played them in the session. It was so cool! They should have all us missionaries do that for our stake at home...

They had dances every night, Emily and Aaron Gilligan decorated them and they turned out so cool, I have never seen dances decorated so good! Kala would have loved it. Haha she's the queen of dances. The formal dance was that night, we didn't go in but we helped out with food and everything.

It was good though, after the sessions were over we got to talk to President and Sister Maxwell. I was talking to the elders in the back trying to teach them how to plan and I look up and Sister Stewart is crying! I knew right then she was leaving Launie. President doesn't always tell us early that we are leaving but he did since he was there. He also told her that she would be training for her last transfer! 

I WILL BE TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY. My baby golden is due on Oct 9 2014. I'm gonna be a momma!! I'm excited! Nervous because I'm only a toddler myself, but excited! It will be good! It will definitely stretch me and that is exactly what I need. I'm so glad that President and the Lord trust me enough to do this. I am with Phebe Woodward at the moment, a youth from Tamar ward, I just love her! I will be practicing training her to see how we go. haha it will be good. Wish me luck this week!! We had to drop off Stewie and all the the other missionaries that are leaving (Elder R, C,and P) at the airport today and it broke my heart. All the people that raised me are gone! :(  New beginning. Well I love all you guys so much. Thank you for the letters they mean the world. Have the best week ever, send me some more mail if you want that would be really good. Love you!

Sister Hatch

Some of Sister Hatchs favorite people, Lisa Woodward & Lisa King

President & Sister Maxwell

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