Sunday, January 18, 2015

bonjour! ha i dont speak french 

Its been a fantastic week in Launie Tas. Started it off w/ the gorge on Mon...and went to some of my favorite members house for food that night. S & P K. P was just called as 2nd counselor in bishopric & S is the one that sells doterra down here. She's the only one in Tas I'm pretty sure. They are awesome anyway. I definitely got some oils too they are magic. Feel free to send me some.

We went finding that night and knocked into some JW's. (Jehovah Witnesses) They were so nice and talked to us for ages, they thought we were crazy when we said Jehova is Jesus Christ before he came to earth, haha. It was actually hilarious the way they reacted. They were pretty cool and invited us back.

Tues we saw Bal Kumar (12 yr old investigator) and played a plan of salvation game w/ him. The T's were there, s/o (shout out) to them for best fellowship. We have to get really creative w/ the lessons because 1. language barrier and 2. he's so young. If you have any good ideas for teaching kids message them to me! :)

That night we had tea @ the C's. Its like going to a 10 star restaurant when we eat there! She says "I cook the very best things for you because thats what I would do if the Savior were here." We represent the Savior so she takes it just as serious. A is amazing. 10/10. We had salmon and stuffed mushrooms.

That night we had to drive down to Hobart! The pacific area president (of the 70) came and we had a zone conference in Tas w/ him, Elder Pearson. It rained the whole way there (2hrs), we stayed w/ the sisters in Sandy Bay. Got there @ 10;30 pm. Got up to go to Maccas @ 7:30 am for a zone breakfast then to the chapel! We grabbed a picture w/ him and started. It was uplifting and spiritual! Question- What did you learn from Elder Pearson? Elder Pearson is awesome. We learnt so much. Mostly what I can do to reach my potential. He interviewed only 3 of us and President Maxwell called the night before and asked if I would have one with him. We talked about a lot of amazing things and he told me some really profound things as well. Things that will help me the rest of my mission and life. I love him! It was a really cool experience. Also we found out the BEST news of my life. ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING TO OUR MISSION in Feb. I am SO STOKED. He's my favorite!

We drove home that night and Thurs was good good. Fri was even better. We visited famous LK and her boys. Cool kids. They are the best family. Love them heaps. Did you get the pictures? :) 

Saturday we did lots but my fav was getting our investigator Bal Kumar some pants for church! We got them & the T's gave him a shirt. He came to church looking like he held the priesthood. So much swag! And he brought his friend too. Bal K is so sweet. The T's family has fasted for him & the miracle happened. His friend speaks better English and translates for us MIRACLE!!

That night we had tea @ the W's w/ the K's & the elders. Heres a couple of photos.

Love you all...but I'd love you more if you send me stuff.

Sister Hatch

D&C 50:22 Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

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