Sunday, November 30, 2014

11.30.14 tasmanian holiday happenings 

Our week was really good! We got to do a couple things that were out of the ordinary so it made for a fun week. We got to do district meeting over the phone and thats always pretty interesting, something always goes wrong but it makes for a funny meeting. Ha, Tasmania is like its own mission. We are so isolated down here! It will be like going to a new mission when I go up to the mainland again! I'd be perfectly fine to die here though. (finish her mission)

On Thursday was TURKEY DAY but funny enough we went out and had Korean food. We went with K and A C. They are the best! It was the best food too. I loved it. We went and got cold rock ice cream after that and walked around the city (because it's nice and warm out). On Friday we decorated the flat w/ all the Christmas stuff we had. We have a cute tree and tinsel and turned on some music and decorated it at lunch. I started missing home a bit then, wanting to listen to the normal Christmas music and go out w/ family to Christmas parties and get gifts and food and that but then I remembered what Christmas is really about, its like Savior gave me a hug and told me I had everything, that I wouldn't miss out on anything this Christmas as long as I remembered Him. It was was cool! Christmas really is a special time of year. The real reason everyone is so happy this time of year is because of the spirit of Christ, it has to be!

That night was a relief society party. We made cards and fudge. FUGDE is so good and Michael Buble was singing my jams, my Christmas jams. I loved it while it lasted! Then Saturday we went to Devonport to practice for the Christmas party. We are in the lovely  Devonport stake choir :) its good fun. The party is Saturday so get ready for some pictures. Its supposed to be a night in Bethlehem so we will be dressed up.

Then Sunday there were heaps of people there. It was the primary program and I kid you not I've never laughed so hard. It was the cutest thing. Yoo our Korean investigator came. He doesn't know english well so he doesn't like church much, but we had soup Sunday. Its where an auxillary brings food and everyone eats it after church. Its the besss. After that we went to Deloraine for a UYC devotional. Took me right back! I'm the only one of us that was @ UYC left here in Tas. It was so good. Youth spoke and sang and it was good! We went w/ S and L P. They are awesome!

So yep it was a fun week! Still loving missionary life. Australia is the best! :)

Today we woke up to rain & thunder, its definitely summer time! Thank you everyone who has sent mail or emails, I get all of them and love them! I will write back as soon as I can. ;) Love you all!

Sister Hatch #1
Yummy Korean food

FHE at the W's on Monday nights

The roses are crazy right now, they are beautiful and EVERYWHERE!

We walked up and there was no door, I was thinking it was like 9 3/4 and tried to get through...but

Not quite cold stone

Decorating the flat

Devonport overlooking the port and Spirit of Tasmania

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