Sunday, November 16, 2014

11.16.14 there is a kookaburra living outside our flat! 

Hey everybody!

It was a SMASHING week in the Launceston Tamar area. The work just gets better and better every single day, and BREAKING NEWS...I will be staying in Launceston for another 6 weeks! I AM STOKED! me and Gibby (did i tell you the story about sis G's nickname?) are going to tear it up this next transfer. It'll be good. I'll be here for Christmas!! :)

I got your lovely Halloween package this week, it was awesome! Thank you heaps. I don't think you understand how happy mail makes me! and every missionary, for real.

Oh I have been wanting to tell you all this for ages I just always forget. Ok I drive on the left side of the road in the right side of the car, all backwards and that ya? Well just think about parallel parking in the USA on the normal side. Hard as. Then multiply that by 100 and thats how hard it is to parallel park on the other side all backwards and I've definitely held up traffic for about 10 minutes trying to do this. BUT I succeeded and now I'm a master at opposite parallel parking! I've learned so much on my mission.

Have you all heard of the dodgy ozone layer her in Tas? I guess there is no ozone layer over us and so the sun just burns you like fire. I didn't believe them but nek minnit (slang), I go out for 1 hour and get so burned! It's a weird sun, just burns, it doesn't hurt and will hopefully change to a tan tomorrow. My skin just literally hasn't seen sun in about a year so, its struggling.

Okay the funniest thing, we were picking up Maddi to go out finding right. We crossed a main street and got her and on the way back across Gibby's shoe made her slip and she fell right there in the middle of the street. I thought she was going to get ran over but she didn't and got up and I just, I didn't know what to do because it was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen but I didn't want to be that rude selfish person laughing at hurt people but ya, good fun.

Ah there is a kookaburra living outside our flat!


So in the mornings we run. Launceston is HILLS, big hills. We live on a hill called Balfour hill. It's crazy, lie a 90 degree incline I'm almost positive, ha no, but so steep and long and I have to go into 1st gear to drive the car up and I ran up it! So steep it was basically as fast as a walk on flat but man it was hard exercise though.

Tonight I ATE KANGAROO STEW. It was good. J L made it so now I've officially eaten kangaroo. You can call me an Aussie.

Monday we went to Deloraine for zone pday! So fun! We made a video for the Christmas thing and ate food at the Triffitts (1st bishop) house! Stayed at E and A G's :) Love them. Just E and S were there w/ us though. It was good.

Then Tues we had zone meetings w/ all the Tas missionaries! Zone meetings are good, they give me an extra boost for a few weeks. We learnt about missionary stuff, it was great. The spirit was strong!  ZL's Elder S and C did a training about baptism invites and it was so cool. They are such good missionaries. Elder C will be going back up to the mainland but we were lucky to have him and still S! I also got a blessing. The priesthood is the coolest thing. I definitely didn't understand the POWER of it before my mission.

Speaking of priesthood, J got the Melchezidek priesthood yesterday and spoke in our stake general priesthood meeting. He's only been baptised like 2 months! He's going to be a general authority one day, wow it was amazing seeing R and H grow so much in such a short time. They are fireballs! They love the gospel and they get it. It's all about setting and achieving goals that move us closer to becoming who God wants us to be. Constantly trying to be better...being humble enough to change! They are such good examples to me and everyone. I love them so much!

A lot of time this week was spent finding, mostly tracting. On sat we did it for 5 hours straight! And if you all forgot the weather here is opposite to America so its so hot out! Thats when I got a little burned. About half way through we were sitting there at a door and it hit me what I was actually doing. Literally knocking on random doors telling them about religion and prayer and that. I mean ya its awesome and what I love doing now but it was so weird when I actually thought about what I was doing, it happens. We'll be driving along and I'll just suddenly realise I'm on the other side of the world in AUSTRALIA w/ this girl I only met 6 weeks ago and it'll just blow my mind for a couple seconds and go away. Like I go back in to a dazed and oblivious state again. Haha so weird.

I blinked and 6 months went by. 6 months on the 21st of Nov! Almost halfway, 1/3 right now, time flies.

Send me mail.
Love you all.

Sister Hatch #1

ps for all you animal dictionary page 217 #4 (revelation of John)  ANIMALS will be resurrected!
Me and Sister G being Lamanites

Tas zone 

Sisters from Tas zone and Jackie

Tasmania Zone

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