Sunday, March 1, 2015

we thank thee oh god for a prophet

Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came to Melbourne Australia and instructed and inspired us.  We were asked to study 3 of his talks (all on acting on/in faith and being converted).  Me and my companion got to sit on the first row (God is looking out for me) and we all stood and Elder and Sister Bednar walked in along with Elder and Sister Halick (seventy) and Elder and Sister Lynn G. Robins (seventy) and President and Sister Maxwell.  Elder Bednar is powerful, intimidating, but approachable.  He spoke with authority and confidence.

Elder Bednar is known for his Q & A sessions and we got to have one with him!  He got up and asked questions and invited all of us (250+ missionaries) to answer.  He made sure we knew we are "agents" who have the choice to ACT- not be acted upon.  Then reminded us that this opportunity is rare- what are the chances of this happening again?  Really, when is the next time I will be 6 feet away from 2-3 members of the Seventy, their wives and an apostle?  Probably never!  Remembering the spiritual power we felt in the room with 250+ missionaries and all these people.  

It was a sacred experience.  I had a question when I went that day.  I needed an answer and it was absolutely answered 100%.  It was through the testimonies of these people that I felt my answer.  I know that David A. Bednar is a prophet, seer and revelator.  I know the Lord spoke to us through him that day.  I know personal revelation is real and comes to all those who "ask, seek, and knock."  "All revelation begins with asking inspired questions."  Elder Pearson

Elder David A. Bednar emphasized the same, but made the point when we ask God questions, we need to be ready and willing when we get the answer.  "We are not objects to be acted upon, rather, we are to be agents that ACT."  I'd invite all of you to ACT.  Ask God what you need to do to change and then just do it.  Your life will always change.

And I also wanted to say how much I love President and Sister Maxwell!  They are wonderful.  I'm so blessed to have them as mission parents.

Elder Lynn G. Robbins said to tell you (mum and dad) that all the Brethren love you and thank you for sending me on a mission- a blessing and a gift he offered to all of us.  

And for all who are wondering, no I did not get to shake Elder Bednar's hand.  But out of 300 missionaries, we were on the very first row, only 5+ feet from him for 3 hours!  And we made eye contact about 10 times, we may as well have.  It was a great day in the Melbourne Australia Mission.  

:) Pablo (our Chinese investigator w/ a Spanish name) will be baptised on Saturday! Exciting! Melbourne City is still gr8.

Zaí Jían

Ha Jíe Meí (my Chinese name)

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